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{pp}Proven Golf Business in market untouched by Credit Crunch ready to expand creating Jobs.
{pp}The current global economic crisis has caused a shift in consumer behaviour online.
{pp}Hefty penalties will be imposed by the Compensation Commissioner for companies that miss the 31 March Return of Earnings deadline.
Tuesday, 10 March 2009 16:04

No Limit for Digital Media

{pp}In today's society most of the interaction between brand and consumer is driven digitally by means of radio, television or the Internet.
{pp}Quest Software, represented locally by Blue Turtle Technologies, has released the latest edition of Spotlight® on Oracle – a monitoring and diagnostics tool that provides unique visibility into database processes and performance. Spotlight enables database administrators to be proactive by identifying current and future performance issues that can negatively impact…
{pp}What happens when business factors are changing and office space is rearranging? You work smarter as well as harder. A ten year creative work-out puts us at the helm of ensuring that your communications do just that, with fresh strategic appointments and even a new (i)candi shop near you.
{pp}Ideal for Scanning Business Cards, Paper Documents and Photos for People on the MoveJohannesburg- March 2009- If you're on the go and need to quickly scan documents, the new IRIScan express 2 portable scanner is a great and useful mobile piece of technology to pop into your handbag or brief…
{pp}Micro MBA Program successfully launched by the Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA)2009- February the 16th through the 20th, TSiBA Entrepreneurship Centre hosted its first Micro-MBA Program. In this week long course, 21 local entrepreneurs honed their business acumen while strengthening their business networks and receiving valuable mentoring along the…
{pp}The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA), a tertiary private provider of Higher Education in Cape Town is launching its recruitment drive for 2010. TSiBA specifically targets scholars and potential students that would otherwise not have access to tertiary level education, by offering successful applicants full tuition scholarships for studies…
{pp}Quest Software, represented locally by Blue Turtle Technologies, has launched a high quality, cost-effective backup and recovery product, LiteSpeed Engine for Oracle. This new product complements the company’s existing offering for the SQL Server market and brings added functionality and time saving to diverse database environments.
{pp}FRANSCHHOEK OESFEES - A CAPE MUSICAL (AND FOODIE) FEASTReal Cape culture: music that grows from the same ground as our grapes
{pp}With mock exams for Matriculants well underway, learners are feeling the pressure to secure their futures for next year and beyond. However only 12% of Matriculants have the means to advance to tertiary education in South Africa, a recent study has found. For many previously disadvantaged youth, funding remains a…

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