25 May 2021

Take charge with the new Topcon OS-200 Series Total Station

Submitted by CubicICE (PTY) Ltd
Take charge with the new Topcon OS-200 Series Total Station

The new Topcon OS-200 Series Total Station, distributed and serviced in sub-Saharan Africa by WorldsView, is ideal for land/engineering surveyors seeking highly accurate data collection, angle encoding and positioning across a range of infrastructure projects.

The professional-grade compact total station OS-200 is built for on-the-go tasks, with a far-reaching, high precision EDM and extended battery life.

Packaged as a rugged, compact and lightweight IP65-compliant unit, with a portable carry case, it is easy to transport and to use. With a battery life of up to 20 hours, this device is enhancing productivity on sites throughout Africa.

5 class-leading features of the Topcon OS-200 Series Total Station

1. Powerful, rapid and reflectorless EDM for improved productivity

The OS-200 delivers 30- 50% more accuracy, thanks to its increased range. “The new model measures up to 1km faster and more accurately than any other instrument on reflectorless mode, and up to 6km on prism mode. This allows the user to measure or stake out faster in the field, delivering improved productivity,” says Simon Tomlinson, CEO, WorldsView.

2. Bigger, bolder LCD touchscreen display and keyboard

With a Windows LCD colour touchscreen display, larger than any other standard instruments on the market, the device offers clearer display of text and icons. The touchscreen, with its alpha-numeric keyboard, is very responsive – even if the operator is wearing gloves.

3. LongLink functionality using Bluetooth technology

The Bluetooth-enabled LongLink functionality eliminates the need for cables. Users can operate a field controller up to 300m away from the device or download data directly from the instrument to another device, explains Tomlinson.

4. TSShield for improved security

TSShield enables users to remotely lock or locate the instrument if it is stolen or lost, via web-based dashboard. 

5. MAGNET Field on-board data collection software

This intuitive software enables quick measurements, including coordinate geometry calculations and cross sections. It fully integrates with all Topcon and Sokkia Windows-enabled devices.

The Topcon OS-200 Series Total Station is available for purchase from WorldsView, with a 12–24-month warranty.

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