25 May 2021

Remote Working - The Future of Work

Submitted by Janki Sharma

Solid Systems has redefined work-from-home solutions. We help businesses to empower their workforces and migrate their data to the cloud. We develop customised end-to-end remote working solutions that suit companies’ unique needs, and allow their remote employees to operate efficiently from wherever they are in the world and whatever device they may be using, without any negative impact on their productivity.

Benefits of Remote Working

While many companies are still fine tuning their remote working processes, trying to make sure that their employees are well equipped and comfortable working from home, there is no doubt that working remotely has its benefits. These include:

Flexibility - Commuting to work and attending physical meetings is a thing of the past. Work can now be done wherever you are, whether it’s at the office,  from the comfort of your own home, in coworking spaces, or even while travelling. 

Personalised tools - When it comes to remote working tools, a “one size fits all” approach does not work. Each business, each department, and each individual will find that different, personalised applications help them to work effectively, and our work-from-home solutions are designed to provide all of the tools that they may need. disaster strike, helping your business to grow continually.

Increase in productivity - The myth that remote working makes employees lazy and reduces productivity and efficiency is just that: a myth. In reality, remote working has increased employee productivity and efficiency, as employees can choose to work during hours they know that they can be most productive in. Without any workplace distractions, and commuting time restraints, employees can dedicate more time and be more efficient in completing tasks assigned to them while working remotely. 

Lower stress - While working from home during the pandemic has certainly helped to reduce the fear of  being exposed to COVID-19, that’s not where its stress-reduction benefits end. Working remotely allows for flexible hours when problems arise, less commute stress, and better work-life balance. 

Solid Systems

Not every business can afford to hire their own IT department Costs involved go well beyond simply salaries and hardware fees. Maintenance can be costly, especially if not done regularly, and keeping your staff constantly trained in the latest technologies so that they can keep your systems up to date is almost impossible without investing a lot of time and money. Thankfully hiring your own team isn’t the only option. This is where an IT company like Solid Systems comes in. Since 2003 we have embarked on a journey of building a company that everyone can be proud of.