24 May 2021

Ice4SA for the Best Cleaning Equipment in South Africa

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
Ice4SA for the Best Cleaning Equipment in South Africa

Visit Ice4SA for the Best Cleaning Equipment for Sale, Hire and Lease in South Africa  At ICE 4SA we take pride in ensuring that our customers are provided with professional cleaning equipment in South Africa, at the most affordable rates. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a cleaning machine, you can count on our company to supply you with great advice and assistance for all your cleaning requirements. Read more about our company and our affordable cleaning equipment for sale, hire and lease that are currently available on offer today.

About the Company

We at Ice4SA take pride in the fact that our company is always looking for new ways to improve its standards and business practices. Our main focus is to find new ways to better our products in ways that will guarantee our customer's efficiency. One of the most noteworthy facts about our company is the fact that we have international relations with people located in the United States of America, China, and even Europe who assist us with the research, development, and maintenance of our products. We have an office based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our professional team is passionate about the work that they do and is fully equipped with all of the knowledge they need to assist you in finding the best cleaning machines on the market. Be sure to request a quote on any one of our products today to find out more about pricing and payment methods for our products. 

 Our Range of Products

When it comes to buying, renting, or leasing cleaning equipment, we understand that our customers are always looking for affordable alternatives. We have a wide selection of high-quality carpet cleaners, auto scrubbers(floor Scrubbers), vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, floor sweepers and other cleaning machines available for you to choose from. Our product line is as follows: 

Steam floor washers

Ice 4 SA allows their customers to choose between four different steam floor washers. These include:

  • DUPLEX 420 STEAM – Steam Floor Washer
  • DUPLEX 420 STEAM PLUS – Steam Floor Washer
  • DUPLEX 620 STEAM PLUS – Steam Floor Washer
  • DUPLEX 340 STEAM – Steam Floor Washer 

All of these machines are multifunctional, lightweight, and perfect to use if you want to remove any unwanted dirt and stains from your floors. 

Floor and carpet washers

Our floor and carpet washers are the best machines to use if you want to ensure that your carpets last longer. Using these machines on your floors and carpets makes it easier to maintain your favourite rug or carpet in your home and prevents the build-up of dust and allergens in your living space. We have the following floor and carpet washers available: 

  • Turbo – Floor and Carpet Cleaner
  • DUPLEX 420 – Floor and Carpet Cleaner
  • DUPLEX 620 – Floor and Carpet Cleaner
  • DUPLEX 280i DC Battery – Floor and Carpet Cleaner
  • DUPLEX 280i – Floor and Carpet Cleaner
  • DUPLEX 340 – Floor and Carpet Cleaner 

Hot pressure washers

Hot pressure washers are the most ideal machine to use if you are looking for a solution to remove dirt caused by grease or oil. We at ICE 4 SA have the following hot pressure machines for you to choose from: 

  • HOTGREEN high-pressure cleaner
  • MASTER – Hot Pressure Washer
  • SITEMASTER – Hot Pressure Washer
  • AVANT – Hot Pressure Washer
  • DROP – Hot Pressure Washer
  • LUX – Hot Pressure Washer
  • COMPACT – Hot Pressure Washer 

Cold pressure washers

 Cold pressure washer machines are commonly used to clean surfaces that get dirty with mud, sand, and dirt. These durable cleaning machines also work well with detergents to clean the surface more effectively. ICE 4 SA’s cold pressure machines are the perfect solution to use when you need to clean away soil without the expense of using hot water. Our cold pressure washers include: 

  • ROBOT – Cold Pressure Washer
  • MINIROBOT – Cold Pressure Washer
  • ATOM XL – Cold Pressure Washer
  • ATOM – Cold Pressure Washer
  • QUARK – Cold Pressure Washer
  • FIX – Cold Pressure Washer

Besides these products mentioned above, we also supply our customers with auto scrubbers. ride-on auto scrubbers, floor burnishers, carpet vacuum extractors, commercial vacuum cleaners, sweepers, and duplex washers too. Be sure to speak to one of our sales team members today to find out more about these products. 

Introducing Comac CFC– Your All-Inclusive Cleaning Machine 

ICE 4 SA is proud to present its unique cleaning solution to customers in South Africa. The Comac-Fleet-Care cleaning machine is an exclusive product that can only be found at our company. This revolutionary cleaning machine offers customers full service, a onboard management program (https://www.comac.it/en/technologies/5/cfc-comac-fleet-care) and is available for rent or Purchase at a fixed rate per month.  

The Comac Fleet Care machine uses wireless internet services to constantly stay online. This helps to keep track of usage information such as who is currently using the machine, how much battery life is left on the machine, and for how long have they been using it for. Comac Fleet Care cleaning machine is great for modern, tech-savvy individuals because of the fact that all of this information can be tracked using the user-friendly mobile application software. The app can be downloaded onto any device, making it easier for you to manage your Comac Fleet Care cleaning machine.   In terms of maintenance, the Comac Fleet Care machine has the ability to track and observe its own status. This means that it will automatically send an alert message to the department responsible for servicing this machine should it detect any fault or unresolved issue.

Get in Touch with Us Today for High-Quality Cleaning Machines for Sale, Hire and lease in the Country 

If you would like to find out more about our products, please feel free to contact us on 086 142 3472 today. We are experts in the industry and offer our customers a wide selection of high-quality cleaning machines for sale, hire and lease in South Africa. All of our customers will be happy to know that our scrubbers and cord electrical cleaning machines come with a three-year warranty on all of these machine's parts, except for the parts of the machine that are wearables such as the battery, brushes, belts, and switches.