25 May 2021

Eskom to deliver the world’s most visible electricity grid

Submitted by Caitlyn Kobus

Cape Town: South Africa’s energy utility Eskom awarded its National Power Grid Intelligence Tender to Actom Smart Technology (Pty) LTD, who will be deploying Stellenbosch based CT LAB (Pty) LTD technology to deliver a world first in power grid technology.

The agreement will see Eskom install over 1,300 of CT LAB’s OTELLO edge computing devices into the power grid countrywide to upgrade grid monitoring and management capabilities in four provinces.

Once completed, CT LAB’s state-of-the-art OTELLO devices will join 3,600 of CT LAB’s existing power quality monitoring devices, to create the first integrated smart grid monitoring and intelligence platform that delivers real-time, grid-wide visibility to grid engineers and managers. The OTELLO system is the only intelligent grid monitoring and control solution on the market to install processing power throughout the power grid, preparing the way for Eskom to transition to a distributed smart grid management paradigm.

“OTELLO was developed to address the unique needs of the African power grid,” said Willie van Wyk, CEO of CT Lab and lead engineer on the OTELLO platform. “The challenges of delivering continuous, high quality power to the continent requires an innovative approach to monitoring. OTELLO focuses on bringing visibility to the edge of the network through the power of edge computing and broadband connectivity. We are honoured to be awarded this tender and excited to play a role in upgrading South Africa’s power network.”

“When assessing the proposals put forward within this tender, CT Lab’s innovative approach, cost-effective devices and comprehensive offering stood apart, even from some steep international competition. We look forward to enhancing the delivery of services to our communities with CT Lab,” said Thabeka Sonelu, chairperson of Eskom’s tender committee.

The first phase of the project will see 300 devices installed from Ezulwini Hydroelectric Dam to substations across the greater Gauteng area. 

About CT Lab
Established in 1993 in Stellenbosch, CT LAB has focused on delivering power engineering solutions aimed at solving Africa’s power quality and continuity needs. Now expanding into the EU, Canada and Australia, CT LAB’s flagship OTELLO platforms is unique in delivering smart processing power throughout the grid, and has the potential to play a significant role in responsibly integrating renewable power resources into grids the world over. 

CT Lab believes in the power of pushing boundaries Established in South Africa in 1994, CT Lab, the makers of OTELLO, was forged in one of the toughest power markets on the planet — South Africa. We are on a mission to simplify energy monitoring and management for you, the grid owner & manager. We believe we’re onto something special. No solution on the market today does what OTELLO can.

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