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Wednesday, 18 July 2007 22:14

Planning travel trips just got easier

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{pp}New World Class Travel site launches to make booking flights and planning holidays in South Africa easier. This week sees the launch of The site aims to be the premier first stop for anyone travelling in and around South Africa, and wants to bring flight comparison technology to locals.…
{pp}Sound Issue Media (SIM), the company that brought music lovers SAMUSICdotcoza and the - Arts & Entertainment Portal, is proud to announce their new innovative digital music download shop. Driven by a passion for South African Music the team at SIM sees the new digital music shop as…
{pp}In February 2006, a group of intrepid wine lovers destalked and stomped their way through a ton of grapes flown in from Meerendal Estate at the inaugural wine pressing festival held at The Pinotage Restaurant and Wine Cellar in Gauteng. The 2006 Cecile Pinotage have just been bottled, making The…
Wednesday, 11 July 2007 21:05

SA’s transport embraces high-tech solution

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{pp}South African transport companies received a boost last year with the launch of and the phenomenal response to this high-tech transport matchmaker is evidence of the need for technology driven solutions in the highly competitive transport industry.
{pp}"We've only scratched the surface of the Industrial community in South Africa" - this is the message from Marc Ashton, Managing Editor of (, the on-line publication for the SA Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Cosmetic Manufacturing industries.
Wednesday, 11 July 2007 13:17

Get what your small business really needs

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{pp}A site inspired by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.The power of the Internet has advanced in quantum leaps and bounds over the last few years. After estimating its impact on future business operations and realising that most businesses lack the resources of large corporations, we created - an intelligent interactive user-friendly…
Wednesday, 11 July 2007 12:52

Portable Solar Energy

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{pp}Just about everyone relies on a cell phone… then there are laptops, satellite phones, portable GPS systems...portable electronics are popular as ever, but what do you do when you hear that ominous ‘beep’ telling you that your battery is low – and you are nowhere near an electrical socket? Southern…
{pp}Mankind relies more and more on software to either help them do their job, like a heart surgeon looking at your body’s engine, or an architect using a CAD program to design your dream house. But there are certain necessities in life, like water for good health, which we cannot…
Tuesday, 10 July 2007 16:34

Take charge of your child's safety

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{pp}Children are supposed to have fun and have a care-free existence. Living in a crime infested country like South Africa however could leave you constantly living in fear for your life and those of your children. The recent spate of reports on missing and abducted children has yet again begged…
Monday, 09 July 2007 22:18

Dynamic Teachers Workshop - 24 July 2007

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{pp}RemSpecED and Dr. Melodie De Jager will be joining forces to present a workshop entitled: "Dynamic Teachers and Dynamic Teaching for 2007"
{pp}Borrowing money has become a lot more difficult due to the new National Credit Act (NCA) which came into effect last month. Aimed at stamping out unscrupulous micro-lenders, the act stipulates that lenders disclose all the information about the total cost of credit and the interest rates a consumer can…
Sunday, 08 July 2007 13:28

57,5hrs Non-Stop Cycle for Housing

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{pp}Ray D. Chaplin, the Cape Town adventurer who recently cycled for 41-days to cover the 2400km+ from home to Pretoria, is setting out to cycle for 57.5hrs... each hour representing R1000 required to build a house with the global housing organisation Habitat for Humanity. His target for the weekend is…

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