14 August 2019

Three Cape Winelands High schools receive a massive Science boost from Gouda Wind Farm…

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Three Cape Winelands High schools receive a massive Science boost from Gouda Wind Farm…

The principals and teachers of Tulbagh High, Waveren High and Roodezandt Secondary – were delighted to each receive the latest CAPS approved Natural Science, Physical Science and Life science kits at a special handover function at each of the schools last week, proudly sponsored by Gouda Wind Farm – Blue Falcon.

One of the exciting kits covers the FET physical sciences curriculum for grades 10 to 12. Topics include mechanics; waves, sound and light; matter and material; and chemical change. They contain all the necessary chemicals and are housed in a lockable metal cabinet with topic trays. The other kit consists of Life Sciences material and the third Natural sciences and Technology, all of which come complete with a teacher’s guide and learner worksheets.  

The science kits were presented to the three schools by Irfaan Petersen, Economic Development Manager at Acciona Energy Global South Africa. He said that South Africa’s future prosperity depended on increasing numbers of graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and that this process started at school level. “We hope that the science kits will help to improve the performance of learners in these subjects at local schools. This will enable them to go on to university and ultimately begin careers in engineering and scientific fields which will contribute to a vibrant economy” added Petersen. “We are strong believers in investing in our local communities and will follow the progress of the learners at these nearby schools with interest,” he said.

Mr AM Beerwinkel, Principal of Roodezandt Secondary said, “We are delighted to receive these science kits which will be a major boost to our teaching programme. It will help our learners to engage with science and increase their understanding and appreciation of a subject which many believe to be a difficult one.” He thanked the Gouda Wind Farm – Blue Falcon for their support, saying, “This is a fine example of a private sector partnership at local level which aims to tackle the national challenges facing South Africa.

”The Department of Basic Education’s (DBE) Director for Partnerships in Education, Mr Louis Taylor added “These are the youngsters who have the potential to become the country’s technical leaders of the future. We view this as an investment in the learners, in their schools and, on a wider scale, in education and the economic growth of the nation. ”It is clear that by providing essential equipment in classrooms we can boost academic performance at schools. Corporate South Africa has a critical role to play in this process and we are grateful to Blue Falcon for this gesture,” continued Taylor.

The project was coordinated and managed by Ahmed Motala of the New Africa Education Foundation, an NPO that has partnered with Blue Falcon to roll out the project to the schools.

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