31 July 2022

Zoom Fibre provides a welcome boost for Science and Technology at Newlands School

Submitted by Ahmed
Zoom Fibre provides a welcome boost for Science and Technology at Newlands School

Fixed Network Operator (FNO) Zoom Fibre, today handed over the latest CAPS compliant Science and Technology resource kit at Ferndale Primary School, in Newlands East, Durban. It is envisaged that these resources will contribute to an improvement in the learners’ performance in Science, Technology, and Engineering at school level so that more learners can pursue careers requiring these subjects at tertiary level which is essential to the economic growth of our country in future years.

The project was officially launched at a glittering handover function at the school on Tuesday 27 July 2022.  “We sincerely hope that these fantastic Science and Technology resources will help to improve the performance of learners in Science related subjects at Ferndale. This will enable them to go on to university and ultimately begin careers in engineering and scientific fields which will contribute to a vibrant economy. These are the youngsters who have the potential to become the country’s technical leaders of the future. We view this as an investment in the learners, in their school and, on a wider scale, in education and the economic growth of the community and region.” said Farhad Suleman, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Zoom Fibre.

Ferndale Primary Deputy Principal, Mrs. Louw, added “We are delighted to receive these magnificent Science and Technology resources, this will be a major boost to our teaching programme. It will help our learners to engage with science and increase their understanding and appreciation of a subject which many believe to be a difficult one and we wish to thank Zoom Fibre immensely for providing our learners with this wonderful resource.”

“Zoom Fibre is striving to make a meaningful difference in society by driving affordable and agile digital inclusion across all sectors of society. We appeal to all of you and the local community to take care of these resources as it is an investment in the future of our community” said Suleman.

The project was coordinated and managed by Ahmed Motala of the New Africa Education Foundation, an NPO that has partnered with Zoom Fibre to roll out the project.