23 July 2019

Mandela Day, warmth and cheer for kids at Children’s Home…..

Submitted by Ahmed
Mandela Day, warmth and cheer for kids at Children’s Home…..

There was much joy and laughter on Mandela Day last week, when management and staff of Adapt IT visited the Malvern Children’s Home.

Adapt IT, a Company which is a provider of leading specialised software and digitally-led business solutions across the world, visited the Malvern Children’s Home, and provided blankets and a Spur Meal to all of the kids who have been placed at the Home. The kids were absolutely delighted when the “Spur on Wheels” vehicle arrived and everyone at the home were treated to a scrumptious meal. They were indeed moments of joy, for these young lives that have been affected by a range of social challenges.

Commenting on her staff’s commitment to these initiatives, Marketing manager, Ms Hawa Mirza, said: "Our company's philosophy, which is the cornerstone of Adapt IT’s existence, is 'beyond profitability' and it is hugely heartening to have seen members of our staff embracing this concept, going well beyond their daily business activities to so willingly give of themselves for the benefit of those less fortunate members of our community."

Adapt IT, Csi Committee member and regular participant in socio economic activities, Ms Azi Xaki, said: "Society today takes so much for granted and very few people take the time to consider the plight of those who face difficulties, often not of their making." She added: "I am particularly sensitive and passionate about babies and young children, whose young, innocent lives are turned upside down as a result of being orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused. For me, this was an ideal opportunity to make a significant difference in these young lives; an opportunity to show them that there are people who do care about them."

"It was humbling to be a part of such a noble initiative and it is my hope that each year greater numbers of people will be encouraged to do more, more regularly to assist those in need of our support, love and care," Xaki concluded.