12 April 2022

Life Sciences Grade 12 Question Papers and Memorandums Pdf 2021

Submitted by Cynthia Rambarly
Life Sciences Grade 12 Question Papers and Memorandums Pdf 2021

The Department of Basic Education released the previous year’s Life Sciences Grade 12 Question Papers and Memorandums for download. All learners preparing for NSC/SC Matric Examination will be able to use those Pdf files to test themselves beforehand 2022 exam.

Download other Grade 12 Past Papers and Memorandums for all 14 subjects. All downloads are suitable for all provinces (Limpopo, KZN, Gauteng, North West, Free State, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Western Cape and Eastern Cape).

All Life Science tests require enough preparation, just like any other subject. From March, May, June, September and up to November Final Exams, you will have to show a good understanding of all topics like The Human Eye, The Human Ear and the Reproductive System.


  • How many marks Life sciences Grade 12 Exam question paper? MARKS: 150
  • How long is Life sciences Grade 12 Exam question paper? TIME: 2 and half hours (2h30min)
  • How many pages does Grade 12 Life Science Exam question paper have? The question paper consists of 18 pages, of which first page is the cover, followed by instructions and the start of Question 1.

Some of Life Science questions that come more often

  • Grommets are used in the treatment of: A) deafness B) blindness C) middle-ear infection D) multiple sclerosis. The answer is: C) middle-ear infection
  • The ability of the lens of the eye to change its shape when viewing an object that is near or far is called: A) binocular vision, B) accommodation, C) pupillary mechanism or D) refraction of light rays? The answer is: B) accommodation)
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