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{pp}As the international community observes World Aids Day, the International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) believes that the provision of paediatric palliative care is the right of all HIV infected and affected children around the word.
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 17:01

Heroin used to attract gamblers

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{pp}The Addiction Action Campaign announced today that it had discovered a website domain, namely, was being used to divert people seeking information on heroin to
{pp}Disadvantaged women who have been subjected to physical abuse are receiving training and jobs, thanks to the donation of a contact centre, initially for the Shavathon – a national awareness campaign for cancer.
{pp}Current research evidence once again proves it - Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is simple and it really does work!  This was borne out by recent statements released by both the American Heart Association and the European Resuscitation Council regarding bystander CPR1, 2.  The intent and scope of this Resuscitation Council of…
{pp}When the frenetic pace of modern life becomes too much for fathers and indeed most men in general, the tendency is to try and cram a week’s worth of stress relief into a weekend and to overindulge in rich food and alcohol. With the focus this Sunday on the special…
Wednesday, 28 May 2008 12:23

Colour Therapy at Rietvlei farm

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{pp}Colour therapy buy exploring colour is a non-invasive way of discovering yourself.
{pp}Research launched to assess how men feel about fertility has shown that men in the UK feel ill informed and therefore have a number of misunderstandings and concerns. 86 percent of men stated that whilst women receive plenty of information about their fertility, there is little for men. The study…
Monday, 19 May 2008 08:49

HolisticTherapy Fact or Farce

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{pp}Following the recent insert from Carte Blanche on meditation in the workplace, many people have contacted me in this regard. We are all living in a stressed society, as a Reiki practitioner many people come to me for exactly this to unwind and destress. So I have made a decison…
{pp}A laughter revolution that is sweeping the world comes to Cape Town next week. International laughter coach and teacher Bill Gee will visit Cape Town for a public laughter workshop and laughter training course.
{pp}During Hospice Week, from 4-11 May 2008, 76 hospices across the country will unite to promote the right of all South Africans to be free of pain. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the services hospices offer to people living with life-limiting illnesses.
Thursday, 24 April 2008 09:09

Fitness Professionals online

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{pp}, South Africa’s best loved fitness and wellbeing website brings you the first ever complete FITNESS PROFESSIONALS DIRECTORY.
{pp}Traditionally the name of doula was given to the woman in the old Greek village who was called for when a mother went into labour. Since we have lost many of these old ways of village support we have developed a course of re-minding ourselves of this magic.

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