09 June 2022

Free COVID Antigen & PCR Tests in KZN

Submitted by Aimee Zuccarini

Epicentre is excited to announce the return of our highly requested RAKE Study. If you are over 18 and have COVID like symptoms or have been exposed to COVID and are unsure of your status, you are eligible to receive free COVID testing in Hillcrest, KZN!

What Is The RAKE Study?

The RAKE Study has returned to our Hillcrest testing centre to provide free Rapid Antigen and PCR tests.

Epicentre is conducting this study in partnership with the highly respected AIDS research centre, CAPRISA. The RAKE study was launched to test a new COVID-19 antigen cassette.

What Is The RAKE Test Procedure?

Just come through to our Hillcrest testing branch or book a RAKE test with Epicentre, online or message our WhatsApp number at 072 843 7564

  • ✔ Completing a brief questionnaire
  • ✔ A nasal and 2 nasopharyngeal swabs to conduct PCR, and 2 Antigen tests.
  • ✔ COVID-19 positive patients will be invited to participate in a follow-up study.

What Are We Hoping To Achieve?

COVID-19 is a new disease that has affected the lives of all South Africans. There is still a lot to learn about COVID-19 and how it has affected communities. Our primary aim is to:

  • To assess the COVID -19 Rapid Antigen diagnostic tests in the South African setting.
  • This study will evaluate a SAPHRA approved antigen rapid COVID-19 test and a new unregistered but very promising second antigen rapid COVID-19 test.
  • To improve the detection of these viruses to establish how COVID-19 is spreading in urban and rural KwaZulu-Natal. In order to guide locally appropriate prevention and clinical care.

Who Should Sign Up For RAKE?

You can join the RAKE Study if:

  • ✔ You have been exposed to COVID-19 OR You are experiencing any of these symptoms:shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, loss of taste or small, fatigue, myalgia or chest pain
  • ✔ You can visit our Hillcrest Drive-Through Testing Centre

Want to Get Tested For Free But Don’t Want To Be Part Of A Study?

  • ❌ Unfortunately, it is a requirement of our free testing that you take part in our study
  • ✔ You are welcome to make use of our Walk-in lab.

How Is RAKE Study Anonymous?

  • ✔ The RAKE Study has gone through a very strict ‘ethical review’ with several independent ethical comities for every part of the study. We have to protect every participant and follow a very strict plan about what happens to each person’s information (in terms of where it goes & who sees it). Which are explained in detail to every person who participates.
  • ✔ Each team member, in the RAKE study team, is required to sign a confidentiality agreement when they begin working on the project.
  • ✔ So they may not discuss this information or disclose it to any outside parties.

Will I Find Out My Results Of My Test?

  • ✔ Yes, we will send you your results.

Why Is It Important For People To Participate?

  • ✔ You will help scientists know if these new antigen tests are effective at testing people for COVID-19 in South Africa.
  • ✔ You help make South African COVID-19 testing easier and safer.

What Laboratory Does RAKE Use?

Our RAKE study uses the CAPRISA Lab in Durban

Contact: Aimee Zuccarini

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