07 June 2022

Ribbon Blockchain's upcoming record breaking crypto airdrop to 400million patients

Submitted by Gugu Nyathi
Ribbon Blockchain's upcoming record breaking crypto airdrop to 400million patients

Ribbon Blockchain is launching its Ribbon Protocol system Health Wallet app for primary healthcare behavioral incentives in beta mode to a controlled group of users. The launch will be followed by the distribution of airdrop Ribbon Tokens to Health Wallet users, in what will be the world's biggest crypto airdrop to over 400 million users that use primary healthcare services in 98,000 verified healthcare centers across 46 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

The Ribbon Protocol is a Blockchain powered Web3 health information system composed of a suite of technologies that work collectively to enable personalized data driven healthcare, universal health coverage (UHC) and collateralized Crypto financing for primary healthcare. Users of the Health Wallet will be eligible to access the Ribbon Token airdrop upon App registration and completion of various questionnaires and health related tasks. Health related data collected in the app from consented users will be processed using data science techniques to create insights for personalized data driven healthcare to improve health outcomes. Consented user information will be tokenized into NFT assets to provide collateral for secure Crypto Decentralized Finance investment into primary healthcare and universal health coverage.

The Ribbon Protocol launch comes at a time when Africa is taking strides to create the ideal legal and regulatory environment and continental economy for large scale Crypto investment and adoption, through efforts like the Central African Republic’s (CAR) legalization of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as legal tender. Another major milestone was the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) to enable business access to continental markets with a combined economy of over $3Trillion across 54 countries. Ribbon Blockchain is taking advantage of these opportunities by moving to incorporate in CAR, and utilize the opportunities provided by the AfCFTA Initiative to penetrate all 54 countries. The AfCFTA Initiative’s Caravan Prize awarded and recognized Ribbon Blockchain as semi finalists and one of Top 20 prestigious companies and projects, from 1500 applicants in 54 African countries, that are set to make a massive impact on improving the lives of 1.2 billion citizens in Africa. This accolade gives easier access to AfCFTA Initiative partners and markets across Africa.

In the words of Gugulethu Nyathi, Co-Founder Ribbon Blockchain, “Even though our primary goal is to enable personalized data driven primary healthcare, we also aim to provide a platform for the fast growing Crypto economy to securely invest in primary healthcare and universal health coverage, with tokenized health related data NFTs as a new collateral digital asset to secure the investment. Tokenizing health related data into NFTs allows us to represent its value in the Crypto economy and Metaverse, to unlock its tradable value which then functions as a new economic resource asset without sharing or exposing the underlying user data. Our Ribbon Protocol system is designed around patient first and non-zero sum healthcare principles, meaning the patient will be positioned at the center of care, and all participants in the network will benefit from the various layers of incentives. Health related data as a tokenized national asset class will change how we value people and life, and enable patients to participate in a more sustainable healthcare economy as prosumers who not only consume healthcare services, but produce valuable healthcare data resources.”

The Ribbon Protocol has incorporated Health Regulation, Ethics, Privacy of Information and Sustainable Development Goals in its design.

Learn more about Ribbon Protocol on https://ribbonprotocol.org/

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The Ribbon Protocol is Blockchain and Web3 health information system for data driven healthcare and universal health coverage.

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