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{pp} GOES LIVE!!!! Finally a music portal strictly for western-cape muso’s  Following the resounding success of the Western Cape Musicians Association’s launch in November 2007, the WCMA recently launched its Benevolent Fund along with its website at a gala event at Generations Café/G-Spot on Monday 28th Jan. 2008. The Website:…
Sunday, 17 February 2008 20:43

The paving Connection

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{pp}We are designers and installers of all kind of paving products.We do patios, pool surrounds, pavement, driveways and much more.All works are fully guaranteed. We operate in the Western Cape only.
Saturday, 16 February 2008 12:41


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{pp} Networking and empowerment are two of the most important buzzwords of the 21st century. Put those two powerful initiatives together with the words women and internet, and you have the means to connect and support working women globally. With this in mind, has been created by women, and…
Friday, 15 February 2008 13:06

SA's Long Awaited Rental Junction Arrives

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{pp}Announcing the official launch of South Africa's newest player in the online property listings industry - has been launched to address the need for a first-stop property rental site that truly serves and enhances South Africa's growing rental industry.  
{pp}David Krut Publishing is proud to announce the publication of the thirteenth book and Educational Supplement in the TAXI Art Books series, TAXI-013 Diane Victor, by Elizabeth Rankin and Karen von Veh. The book will be launched at David Krut Projects, 142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, on Saturday 1 March…
Thursday, 14 February 2008 17:35

David Krut Publishing at Design Indaba 2008

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{pp}David Krut Publishing (DKP) is pleased to be at Design Indaba EXPO for the first time. The company aims to promote – through the TAXI Art Books and other publications on the arts, design and architecture – the work of South African artists, writers on the arts, and graphic designers.…
{pp}The world I paint has no future. It is a self-contained place without apparent movement.Yet on closer scrutiny, movement of a sort can be perceived. A receding pull from the past, to the past. This pull stems from the exploration of the old roads, an attempt to discover among these…
{pp}SKILL SET: Knowledge Resource and Educational Series is a new multi-volume series for designers. Using a practicable, outcomes-based approach, Skill Set will provide instruction in various fields of design, including graphic design, stage design, fashion design and industrial design. Skill Set will feature locally relevant content, as well as commentary…
{pp}Businesses are suffering huge losses due to power failures. This can be prevented by knowing when power failures will occur. Due to the fluctuating levels of power consumption it is difficult for suppliers to notify users in time when the next blackout will occur. SMS 4 Professionals has developed a…
{pp} PIC Solutions, the leading specialist credit risk solutions company in the EMEA region, has formed an alliance with Transform Media to provide Boomerang, an innovative communications tool, to its South African clients.
{pp}moladi, a South African Company and International supplier for the past 22 years, the pioneer of a one-step casting process for the construction of homes,"...Simply cast a whole house in a day, employing unskilled labour, reducing time, waste and cost, eliminating chasing for plumbing and electrical pipe work, plastering and…
Wednesday, 13 February 2008 13:04

Load shedding

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{PP}There are many theories going around about why load shedding is happening. Mainly negative views: The guys at the top don’t know what they are doing. Bad planning. ”Heads need to roll!” I am an optimist and choose to believe this one: Our countries economy is growing at such an…

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