05 August 2021

Future Females Foundation event this week raises funds for Phakama Community Centre & Safehouse Project

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Future Females Foundation event this week raises funds for Phakama Community Centre & Safehouse Project

Phakama Community Center has been a safe haven for the Gugulethu community for almost 20 years - providing nourishment, empowerment through learning and upskilling, counselling, and a safe space for hundreds of community members from birth all the way through to the elderly. Everyone has a warm, loving place at Phakama.

Phakama Community Centre is in desperate need of rebuilding and creating a permanent structure, most urgently to create a permanent Safehouse for the women in its community who have experienced domestic violence and need a safe place to stay.

With this in mind the collaboration between Susana Kennedy, Future Females Foundation and Future Females was launched. Through this partnership, we aim to raise enough money at this Summit to complete Phase 1 of the Project, which involves buying the property, building a wall and hiring security for safekeeping and protection of the property, and then building the Safehouse to house women affected by gender-based violence.

Phase 2 involved building bathrooms, a kitchenette and creating bedrooms within a hall space, each with its own locker and bed, and filling the Safehouse with necessities like bedding, toiletries, food, decor, and more.

Our aim is to build a place of love, comfort, nourishment and safety for the vulnerable and in need.

Throughout their stay at the Safehouse, the women will receive professional trauma counselling, as well as participate in Skills Development training courses and community work within the community center, re-building their confidence, self-worth and trust in humanity.

100% of funds raised at the Empowered Summit will go towards the development of this Project.

The online event, hosted by Future Females Foundation & Susana Kennedy, designed to support, educate and empower women in topic areas including business, entrepreneurship, wealth management, marketing, mindset and wellbeing. This 1-day summit will involve masterclasses by internationally renowned speakers who will all be offering their online programmes for sale throughout the summit, and all proceeds will be donated to the Future Females Foundation for the Phakama Community Center project. 100% of profits raised from this Summit will be donated! We will be kicking off the summit on Thursday 5th August with our Welcome Drinks session, before a full day of incredible masterclasses on Friday 6th August.

To register visit https://member.futurefemales.co/empowered-summit-reg49726176?utm_source=organic&utm_medium=foundation&utm_campaign=empowersummit&utm_content=foundation

About Susana Kennedy
Susana Kennedy is a transformational facilitator, international speaker, media personality and philanthropist who sits on the Board and is a Trustee of the Phakama Community Center.

She has been working with Phakama community center in Gugulethu for just under 10 years. Phakama Community Trust enter is constantly striving to uplift, nourish and empower its community.

Due to the epidemic the rise in gender based violence has been profound, with frequent nightly calls of desperate women looking for refuge from abusive situation‘s. We have built temporary homes for these women, but are on a mission to raise money to rebuild the community center as well as a safe house that will form not only a safe haven but also a place of transformation and empowerment for these previously disempowered individuals.

Susana is no stranger to gender-based violence, she was abused when she was a small child, raped and sexually assaulted. She is passionate about transforming as many lives as possible and has collaborated with future females as well as women for women and hopefully many more incredible companies will join this collaboration that can lead to transformation in disempowered areas of South Africa and then globally. 

It is her life’s work to assist as many people as possible to to move through challenges with more ease and less suffering and to create an empowered life of love and self expression that they are proud of.

For further information please contact Susana Kennedy on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.