05 August 2021

Why Cape Town is the ideal destination for superyacht training

Submitted by Aidan van Vuuren

In recent years, Cape Town has become a prime destination for superyacht training, with many locals and internationals qualifying and going on to work onboard superyachts all over the world. Cape Town has also gained popularity as a port, making it the ideal backdrop to give prospective deckhands and stewards training that meets the standards of excellence expected in the superyacht industry.

Locally, the number of superyachts and cruise ships arriving at the V&A Waterfront is rapidly increasing, as is the need for appropriately educated local employees to work on them. A well-trained crew capable of providing a high level of luxury to visitors is necessary. On the other hand, South Africa is a crucial crew/staff feeder to superyachts in America and Europe.

Whether you’re a South African looking to work on superyachts locally or abroad or aren’t from SA and are looking for the perfect place to get your super yachting qualifications, Cape Town has something for everyone.

Cape Town as a superyacht training destination

Any boat is a highly disciplined environment, but the standards onboard a superyacht are unsurpassed. To guarantee the safety of everyone on board, new crew members must complete extensive training and be prepared to face the rigours of working on a yacht.

Superyacht training schools in Cape Town like SYSA offer the STCW certification, which is the minimum legal requirement to work on any commercial vessel at sea. This international standard is highly upheld, ensuring that you’re fully equipped for life onboard.

Other than the highest quality training, you can also turn travelling to Cape Town into a holiday. Cape Town has balmy, warm summers and mild winters. A wide array of restaurants, coffee shops and bars, entertainment and natural attractions ensure that you’ll enjoy every moment when you’re not training (And we’ll do our best to make sure you enjoy every moment of training, too!).

If you’re not a local and looking at travelling to South Africa for superyacht training, even better. The best part for you is that travelling into Cape Town, completing the required training, and taking a vacation at the same time costs approximately the same as remaining at home and doing classes in your own country.

Things to do in Cape Town (When you’re taking a break from superyacht training)

  1. Trek through Table Mountain National Park
  2. Visit Boulders Beach and play with the penguins
  3. Walk the colourful streets of Bo-Kaap
  4. Hike Lion’s Head
  5. Visit Cape of Good Hope
  6. Shop at V&A Waterfront
  7. Take a day trip to the Winelands
  8. Picnic in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
  9. Explore Simon’s Town
  10. Go sight-seeing on the big red bus

Cape Town as a super yachting destination

Coastal communities all around the globe strive to lure superyachts because they support tourism and local businesses with operational and recreational expenditure while also creating a sought-after sight in the harbour. Cape Town is also home to over 70% of the country’s boat-building industry, which keeps the technical capabilities needed to service all types of ocean-going vessels afloat and drives the industry’s high standards of excellence.

Cape Town is well located to accommodate superyacht cruises. The global trend towards larger superyachts also worked in Cape Town’s favour, as bigger yachts are better suited to local sea conditions. Cape Town is centrally located between South America and New Zealand, and we are closer to European markets than they are.

Cape Town is especially appealing because of its strong infrastructure, including roads and airports, as well as availability to vessel repair professionals and fuel and food providers. Through skill development, the super yachting industry also has a huge potential to promote rapid economic growth, job creation, and economic inclusion.

Overall there is a big push to market Cape Town as a superyacht hotspot. The city is already a frequent port of call for many of the world’s most prestigious boats, as well as a staging point for luxury yachts manufactured in South Africa and exported elsewhere. Cape Town’s luxury catamaran sector is already the world’s second-biggest, with a rich history of boatbuilding and sailing skills, with the super yachting industry not lagging far behind.

There’s no doubt that Cape Town is the ideal destination for superyacht training. If you’re looking for premium superyacht training, career progression in the industry and mentorship by highly experienced instructors, choose SYSA.

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