27 October 2021

RentMyRide Partners with Tracker

Submitted by Brittni van Zyl
RentMyRide Partners with Tracker

RentMyRide has joined forces with Tracker to further develop South Africa's first peer-to-peer car rental marketplace by providing security measures and peace of mind. Welcome to the future of car rentals.

RentMyRide is a solutions driven company with the goal of encouraging growth, trust and confidence in the shared economy.

Through this approach, RentMyRide has created a space for both the entrepreneur and individual interested in renting a vehicle.

Car sharing may be an atypical concept to South Africa as it is not a norm as of yet, but it is not uncommon anywhere else in the world. This new partnership between RentMyRide and Tracker should inspire a sense of security for both current and future stakeholders. RentMyRide expects to grow in popularity in a similar way Airbnb has over the past decade.

The reality of vehicle crime in South Africa is becoming more apparent which raises the question...will RentMyRide work in a place like South Africa? It appears so. Through a careful and meticulous signing up process which verifies the identification of both the renter and car owner, installation of a tracking device and stringent payment protocols, there is no reason for peer-to-peer car rental not to become a normal part of our everyday lives.

RentMyRide embraces a future that encourages South Africans to share vehicles rather than to buy and own them. This is currently a global ground swell following the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen changing travel requirements and increased financial pressures.

“We are excited to be pairing our tracking and telematics solutions with a technology platform that will bring mobility within reach of many more South Africans” says Spyros Marinis, Mobility Sales Manager at Tracker. “Tracker’s products and services can provide peace of mind to RentMyRide’s vehicle owners and renters alike, facilitating South Africa’s further advancement toward shared economy liberties.”

RentMyRide is about building a better South Africa for mobility seekers, providing opportunities to share vehicles and in doing so, share hope for a greater South Africa. Now is the time to stand together and take to the roads.

RentMyRide puts their consumers in the front seat. To learn more, visit www.RentMyRide.co.za
Thanks for the ride.

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