29 July 2021

Back Stronger than Before, Disruptive Car Sharing Platform Relaunches

Submitted by Brittni van Zyl
Back Stronger than Before, Disruptive Car Sharing Platform Relaunches

Collaborative consumption for the contemporary individual.

Johannesburg, July. 29, 2021 - South Africa’s first car sharing platform. A community that creates space for both the entrepreneur and individuals interested in renting.

RentMyRide set up shop as the world slowly began to shift to a minimalist mentality and companies such as AirBnB and Uber were in full swing. The countercultural company meets the needs of individuals' mobility by creating a system whereby a car owner can rent out a vehicle and another individual can rent it. Collaborative consumption has never been so efficient. Apart from being innovative and solutions driven, RentMyRide encourages the support of the local economy and embraces the idea of an environmentally friendly community as cars are shared rather than bought. If consumers are worried about safety, there’s no need to be! Our renters have to meet very strict eligibility requirements such as being in possession of a valid driver’s license, a mobile phone in their name, a form of identity and they must pass a fraud and credit screening. Additionally, RentMyRide provides insurance to ensure everyone's safety.

RentMyRide: This disruptive new company provides the platform for renters and riders to interact, similar to AirBnB or Uber.
Owners: List their car on the system as a means of earning extra income on their car and turning it into a useful asset rather than a liability or fast depreciating possession.
Renters: Select a car from an array of local options that they would like to rent. Cars are rented for a variety of reasons and may be suitable for holiday goers to people who cannot afford to purchase a vehicle.

RentMyRide could not be relaunched at a more appropriate time as COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. Rising unemployment has created a space wherein paying off a vehicle is no longer an option for many. RentMyRide provides consumers with the opportunity to add value to their lives without decreasing the value of their bank accounts. Renting wheels affords consumers the freedom of having a car without the commitment and financial ball and chain of ownership.

Customers can choose from a large selection of locally owned cars whenever it is convenient and those that choose to can also drive a new vehicle without facing the substantial debit orders at the end of each month.

RentMyRide wants to go places with its consumers without weighing them down financially. For those who choose to rent out their vehicle, the commercial opportunities are endless and for those that choose to rent, the street cred is granted without any long term contracts. RentMyRide puts their consumers in the front seat.

To learn more, visit RentMyRide

Thanks for the ride.

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