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Monday, 24 September 2018 06:05

New e-book spills the secrets for growing hotel occupancy!

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How to Digitally Grow Your Hotel Occupancy e-book

The world over, hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs are struggling to grow in the face of exploding competition from Airbnb. They are finding marketing more expensive, and more technical, and commissions to Online Travel Agencies more prohibitive. Now two seasoned experts have come to the rescue, with a downloadable e-book packed with insider hints and hacks. In workbook form, “How to Digitally Grow Your Hotel Occupancy” takes you step-by-step through the fastest, most powerful ways to use digital platforms for business growth.

The workbook was developed by Karen Parkin, who led the globalization of the Marriott International hotel site, and has taken independent guesthouses to 90%+ occupancy. She says “We want to share the secrets of success with hospitality business owners who normally can’t afford the time or fees to attend one of our corporate workshops. In just a hundred pages of explanation, examples and exercises, they will save time, save money, and grow their business, without having to be a geek.”

There’s a lot of surprisingly powerful stuff in this book. For example, it shows you how to dominate the screen space of a search engine results page. And it explains how to automatically turn anyone’s link to your website in social media into a powerful free advertisement, complete with a photo and action button.

Her co-author is Godfrey Parkin, author of “Doing Business Digitally” and “Digital Marketing” and leader of Britefire’s Startup Workshop.  He says that most hospitality businesses are appallingly badly marketed, so it is not hard to beat them if you simply do the right things and do them well. “We wanted to focus on only those things which most hotels get wrong, but which give you a huge sales boost if you do them right. We explain these concepts simply and provide step-by-step instructions which even a newcomer to digital can follow. The book is available on Amazon. But for the next couple of weeks you can download it from for the price of a couple of cappuccinos!” he said.

At last, there is a streamlined guide which explains the concepts in language a hotelier can get excited about. It lays out the route to rapid business success in a series of simple exercises. This book was designed to become fundamental to your marketing thinking. It could forever change the way you do business. Download it at

Contact details: Godfrey Parkin, co-author: +27 21 794 7838   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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