26 April 2019

Are you ready for the future?

Submitted by Godfrey
Are you ready for the future?

The world will change more in the next three years than in the past thirty. How do you survive? How do you thrive? Learn how to approach the future with confidence at Own The Future, the disruption strategy seminar taking place in Johannesburg on May 13th.

If you assume your world in 2022 will be like it is now, but with some cooler tech, you are wrong. Chaotic shifts in society, politics, climate, population movement, technology and consumer behavior are making yesterday’s strategies dangerously irrelevant. Whether you are a corporate business leader, a politician, a startup entrepreneur, an academic, a parent or an individual employee, you have to develop the skills needed for making good decisions in conditions of massive uncertainty.

Led by author, futurist, and strategy guru Godfrey Parkin, Own The Future helps you take control of the accelerating digital disruption in your world and your markets. It guides you through powerful approaches to rethinking your strategies and business models for the immediate future.

According to Parkin, “Mastering disruption is not about digital transformation, or even about technology. It is about seeing the big picture by integrating global and local trends, and assessing their impact on people’s priorities and behavior. You have to look for ways to improve your business model and customer experience, and be ready and willing to own them. You have to be where the ball is going to drop, instead of having to chase after it when it is already too late.”

Change requires that you let go of the past, and challenge wishful thinking about the future. The structured approaches used in the workshop make it easier to question established assumptions, become inspired, and to move forward with confidence.

“People today are more easily manipulated, and more ready to try something new, than ever before,” says Parkin. “Privacy no longer exists. Technologies change exponentially, and customer behavior follows; most businesses and professions change much slower, so their hold on customer loyalty erodes quickly. The gaps between what people want and what is delivered become expanding worlds of risk. But in chaos is opportunity!”

Participants in Own the Future learn how to cut through the chaos to build focused strategies for success. They learn how to stay strategically competitive, and how to stay ahead of the game.Own The Future takes place in Johannesburg on 13th May, and places are limited. Contact Britefire at britefire.com or 021 794 7838 for details.