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Study From Home

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Start at any time and set your own pace. We send you all the study material, study aids, planning tools and assessments you need to prepare for your final exam and to generate a semester mark.

Supported distance learning means you can earn while you learn. You can start at any time and don’t have to wait for classes to begin. You will receive all your study material within a few days of registering for your course, together with a Great Student Handbook that tells you how to study with us. You also get a detailed course planner, which enables you to plan your study sessions down to the number of pages you have to do per session. Use the course planner to commit to assignment submission dates – this will help you stay on track. But the greatest benefit you get from studying at home is that you have unlimited access to a tutor AND we have a course monitor who stays in contact with you and helps you along. This is really our secret of your success.


  • After having obtained all three certificates, you must do 18 months of on the job training
  • Duration: 3 years (18 months theory and 18 months practical)
  • For each subject you need to generate a term mark and pass a written exam
  • A National Certificate is awarded after each level
  • There are 4 subjects per level and there are three levels (N4, N5 and N6)
  • You can apply to the DHET for a Diploma in your chosen field on completion of your training
  • You can study full‐time at a private or public college
  • You can attend classes full‐time or part‐time classes.
  • Or you can study from home with the help of a private or public college.


Formal qualification
The national certificates and diplomas offered by the Department of Education are formal qualifications in South Africa and the best type of qualification to obtain if you are looking to gain the skills to pursue a professional career.

Recognised by employers
National Qualifications are accredited and regulated by industry bodies (such as the QCTO) and as such are recognised by all employers. Provider qualifications (a qualification awarded by your college) isn’t always recognised by all employers, so it’s always recommended to study a national qualification instead of a provider qualification.

Designed for employment
The NATED range of national qualifications (offered refered to as N4‐N6) was developed by the Department of Education to address skills development in the South African education landscape. Unlike an academic qualification (such as a degree programme), the NATED qualifications ensure that you get the necessary skills and vocational training to ensure you are employable and promotable.

Access to further education
If you complete your N6 national certificate and you complete 18 months of relevant practical training, you can apply to the Department of Education for a National Diploma. A National Diploma can give you access to degree‐level studies at various universities.

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