Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A landmark Supplier agreement between Puma ZA & the South African Futsal Federation

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The South African Futsal Federation (SAFF) has partnered with Puma ZA, the German Sportswear Giant, to be the preferred supplier of Futsal apparel. Due to this partnership with PUMA ZA, Futsal is expected to grow exponentially in South Africa as it has in other parts of the world, namely Europe, North & South America, India as well as Asia. PUMA is a world class sports brand, they offer outstanding footwear, sportswear, and other sports related apparel and equipment.As part of their agreement this premium brand will now supply kits, sportswear, balls, etc, to the leagues that are affiliated to the South African Futsal Federation.

In addition to Puma gaining partnership with SAFF, Mike’s Sports an international supplier of football apparel has also come on board to solidify this partnership. These two sportswear brand names will be the technical suppliers for the South African Futsal league.  Football superstars such Serigio Aguero, Macro Reus, and Cesc Fabregas are all ambassadors of the world leading PUMA sports brand. Not only are they football stars but corporate ambassadors of PUMA.

Usain Bolt, the legendary track and field runner, and even popstars like Rihanna are all advocates of this sports brand. Mike’s Sports on the other hand, is a reliable, distinguished supplier of football sportswear and since establishment in 1949 they have been providing specialized team uniforms, equipment, and accessories.

With the South African Futsal Federation striking a partnership with PUMA ZA it is a step in the right direction. Futsal will receive a good deal of positive attention as a result of these two partnerships. It is not suprising as Puma is one of the leading sportswear providers on the international market, and Mike's Sports is one of the best sports suppliers on the African market.  Because of these partnerships, Futsal is expected to grow rapidly. It is also proof that the league has grown enormously since conception.

Furthermore, the partnership with these two sportswear giants is testament that the league will continue to be advancing and prospering in the future. It is a sign of success.

Thus, the South African Futsal Federation as well as the Cape Town Futsal Metroploiatn League are thrilled to have such a distinguished brand such as PUMA ZA to be on board with them.  Aligning with the Puma SA sportswear brand will undoubtedly take the Futsal league far. Players all over the country will partake in the league with the knowledge that the equipment, accessories, etc, are of the highest quality.  This in turn will attract more sponsors, partnership, attendees, and viewers.

There will be a snowball effect that will cause the Futsal league to become highly successful.To get involved with this innovative social project please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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