04 October 2019

Exploitative & deception of CETA & FITA at its best misleads industry and fails learners

Submitted by Jody
Exploitative & deception of CETA & FITA at its best misleads industry and fails learners

As per article published in the Cape Times dated 4 October 2019, CETA and FITA's only form of defense is diversion which only elevates CAD4ALL.In the CAD4ALL rebuttal, CETA and FITA entities are triggered by no compunction and silent hands of facade to National Treasury.

The harmful impact of no certification for 5 years from CETA and termination of flooring learnership via watsapp by FITA signifies the problematic controversies plaguing these two organizations.CAD4ALL has been undertaking  CETA discretionary learnership projects since 2013 besides all corporate industry and private funded learners.

The CETA legislation states a learnership project can only commence once ALL learners documents ( Including ID documents ,education entries) are successfully captured onto the CETA LMIS system, once this is loaded and confirmed by CETA, a start letter is issued and an induction to the program takes place.

The question we pose to CETA & FITA is why is CAD4ALL is in the possession of a start letter if FITA alleges we are non-compliant and documents are outstanding ? CAD4ALL was never non-compliant and this is confirmed in the site visit report that was conducted by CETA Western Cape, provincial office, 2 weeks ago on the 18th September 2019 at CAD4ALL in Cape Town.

The national offices of CETA and FITA’s response to the CAD4ALL article in the Cape Times, contradicts their claims of the provision of  late to incorrect learner documents but the letter from Jenny of FITA indicates that they never paid the learners nor the training provider for MONTHS..The document CAD4ALL and all the learners received from Jenny Panayiotou of FITA apologizing to the learners and CAD4ALL for all the payments and administrative delays by CETA .

This was provided only 4 months after the project started.The first breach of contract confirmed by the CAD4ALL legal team was the late payment of all parties and breaching of a signed training agreement which resulted in 17 learners leaving the project due to NON-PAYMENT.

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