15 October 2020

New Seasons Bring New Life

Submitted by Steve Last Word
New Seasons Bring New Life

Within the North of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve the landscape becomes incredibly different to what is found in the South of the reserve. Open plains turn into rocky hills and thick tributaries turn into tight drainage lines. The large rocky outcrops and compact drainage lines provide homes for many animals to breed and raise their young. One species in particular of late: a female leopard named Lamula has chosen a rocky outcrop very close to The Last Word Kitara as the first home for her new born cub.

The Lamula female is a resident and fairly well known female leopard to staff and guests that visit The Last Word Kitara. She is renown for coming into the lodge every so often, and we find her tracks heading straight towards the swimming pool for a drink presumably. Our chefs often refer to this female as Rulani which means “the relaxed one” in the Shangaan language. Often when we hear the echo of the bushbuck alarm call I hear our chef’s say “Rulani fambeni khida” which means “the relaxed one is going swimming”. She has brought many of us joy over the few years she has been the dominate female in this area.

According to one of our senior trackers, the Lamula female was born to the Manzi female in 2014 and was one of the Manzi females first litters of cubs. She was given the name Lamula after the colouration of her eyes which have a strikingly orange tinge to them. This is a very unique eye colour and not many leopards get such orange eyes. It is such a distinct identification feature, hence the reason the guides in the north decided to name her Lamula.

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