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Shhh can you hear us? - a great book for pre-schoolers

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Shhh can you hear us? - a great book for pre-schoolers

A brother and sister sneak out the house to visit their friends. They’re in their pyjamas and they should be in bed, but instead they hop through the garden, climb up a tree and peer through the neighbour’s window. They think their mother has not seen them, but what if she has?

Shhh can you hear us? is a children’s picture book authored by Veruska De Vita and illustrated by Azrah Osman. Specifically aimed at pre-schoolers, it will delight children aged 3 to 6 years of age. The text is simple and the storyline is easy to follow and this gives children the opportunity to use their imaginations and interpret the story in their own way through the illustrations.

The story is set in Autumn and depicts the transition from Summer to Winter through the colour of the leaves and in the long-sleeved pyjamas worn by the characters. It takes place at twilight, when day turns to night, which is the perfect time for children to get up to mischief or become brave and do something they have never done before: sneaking out the house without first asking their mom.

The story also encourages an understanding of the how the body can experience different types of movement. The children crawl, hop, climb, jump and hide on their exciting and independent adventure.

Michelle Sennwitz a pre-primary school teacher describes the book as “a fun, cuddle-up-in-the-lap, rhyming story that captures the imagination of little minds and provides a soothing end to a busy day.”

Shhh can you hear us? is available at Bargain Books for RSP: R120.00

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