11 August 2021

PaperTrail to help South African businesses through its innovative digital signature software

Submitted by Joshua Maraney
PaperTrail to help South African businesses through its innovative digital signature software

Johannesburg, 11 August 2021 – The rapid development of technology is creating a positive impact on numerous businesses around the world.

Along with the availability of technology, most business owners tend to digitize their business processes. This is applicable for South African business owners as well.

As one of the leaders in digital disruption within the country, PaperTrail is looking forward to empowering South African business owners with digital signature software.

Digital signatures, which are also known as electronic signatures are pretty much similar to digital fingerprints. The esignatures software can encrypt the digital document with a unique key, which is developed according to the highest security standards.

Electronic signatures are accepted legally all around the world.  Businesses in today’s world prefer to use digital documents for getting operational work done due to convenience. One of the biggest challenges associated with using digital documents is to ensure safety. It is possible to overcome such problems with the assistance of electronic signatures.

Any business that is looking to experience  all these benefits can think about taking a look at the electronic signatures software offered by PaperTrail.

About PaperTrail
Since 1998, PaperTrail has been providing a robust electronic content management (ECM) system to support business-critical processes. Egis Software (the makers of PaperTrail) was founded in 1998 by Alon Feldman and Troy Ferraris

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