Monday, 07 September 2020

Lister Petter Engines South Africa

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Lister Petter Engines South Africa

Lister Petter is a proudly British brand of diesel engine manufacturers, becoming a household brand globally that’s synonymous with quality, performance and reliability. Peninsula Power is proud to supply the Southern African continent with top quality diesel engines from this quality supplier. Carefully crafted to adapt to every industry and application, be it agriculture, construction, disaster recovery, telecoms, or the marine industry, there’s always a Lister Petter Diesel Engine ready to work for you.

The team at Lister Petter is well equipped to produce both standard and custom engines based on your specifications, and no matter the engine, it comes straight from our storage facilities to you, ready to use to minimize the effects of downtime. Lister Petter engines are either air or water-cooled for optimal temperatures, and all standard models of generators the fuel, air, and oil filters are all standard, making it easier than ever to find the correct part for them.

Additionally, Lister Petter engines are all mechanical, with no electrics to overcomplicate things or require troubleshooting if performance issues arise. This guarantees consistency, and with the strong, reliable build of these diesel engines, your Lister Petter will run for a good many hours, keeping your equipment and vehicles always on the go. Their ‘Long-Running’ options double down on this as well, promising a long service life. And with a two-year warranty for the unlikely event of a failure, your engine is in good hands.

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