05 May 2021

Personal Power with Perkins Generators South Africa - Overcoming 15 Years of Load Shedding

Submitted by Bruce Lockhart
Personal Power with Perkins Generators South Africa - Overcoming 15 Years of Load Shedding

For many, it’s almost impossible to remember a time before load shedding, when we didn’t have to worry about going without power for extensive periods of time. Don’t worry, your memory isn’t failing you. As of May 2021, South Africa has suffered almost 15 full years of energy insecurity. It’s unimaginable to think we’ve been unable to rely on our national power grid for that long, and the sheer amount of damage to the economy is well beyond whatever figure they can put on paper.

With the Department of Minerals and Energy calling to raise the license exemption threshold for own generation from 1MW to 10MW, now is the time to invest in personal generators, especially for your business. By investing in affordable power with Peninsula Power products, not only are you securing your own energy source, but you’re doing it at a rate that more South African businesses can afford.

What Generator Should I get?

For anyone taking their first look at emergency power sources or private generators, it can be confusing trying to figure out which diesel generator is the best for you and your business. In the generator market, Perkins generators South Africa offers the most affordable range of diesel power for your business.

What Makes Perkins the Right Generator for Me?

High Durability - When opting for backup power, you can’t have your equipment fail you when the national power grid already has. Perkins generators are renowned for their high durability, with excellent machine lifespans. When you invest in a Perkins engine, it’s bound to last.

Their designs also make them easily serviceable for upgrades and repairs, which can be done in our fully equipped workshop.

Easy access to parts - If anything does fail or needs replacing, no one wants to have to wait for a niche, hard to get parts to come in from some distant country. Penpower stocks an extensive range of Perkins diesel generator parts for easy replacements and upgrades, with no wait time for parts.

High Performance - If you’re going to invest in your own power source, you want it to deliver. Especially if your operations need consistent power, and you’re not just looking for a backup generator. Perkins generators operate just as reliably as full time generators as they do as backup generators. Perkins has years of experience designing and manufacturing the latest and greatest innovative energy technology, guaranteeing your generator will offer a high energy output to power your business.

Seize your Independence with Personal Generator Power

With 15 years of load shedding, it’s easy to see that the problem isn’t going to disappear over night. In fact, some estimate it can only get worse from here. Investing in emergency power, or your own private generator, you can guarantee continued business operations even when loadshedding hits. Generators should be just as much a part of your business equipment as cash registers, computers or machinery.

Take a look at our Peninsula Power products to find the right generator for your business, or contact us to learn more about our offerings from our engineers and consultants. 

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