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Tuesday, 08 October 2019 11:35, a proudly South African online mental health resource, improves access to mental health services.

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New and innovative South African born mental health professional service directory and resource. Find psychologists and other mental health professionals throughout South Africa., a proudly South African online platform, empowers visitors to find psychologists and other mental health service professionals and providers like social workers, family therapists, counselling services, and community clinics quickly.

This innovative clinician run directory and mental health resource offers free listings to all qualified mental health professionals, organisations, and service providers.

Today, an increasing number of people turn to the internet to find psychologists and other mental health services. Apart from convenience, this frequently helps people overcome any embarrassment they feel by allowing them to learn more about a professional, or service, before making the call.

South Africa continues to struggle with the legacy of apartheid, and mental health services are no exception. It can be challenging to locate a professional who shares your cultural background or language. Similarly, fears of being misunderstood and unfairly discriminated against often act as barriers to entry. includes features that help address such challenges.

Some Examples: 
Easy to use search. Nearby providers appear automatically
Filter results by identity (Black, LGBT+, Nonbinary, Female...), language (isiZulu, Afrikaans...), issue (depressions, anxiety, relationships...), and more
Find online clinicians when no nearby results are found
Thousands of qualified clinicians and providers to choose from

The following core values guide the direction of the platform.

1. Improve access to mental services improves access to services by innovating tools to empower visitors to find the help they need.

Thanks to a team of volunteers, the database includes many verified community clinics and hospitals. The intention is to link anyone in search of therapy or help, be they rich or poor, with a service that meets their need and means.

Many of the low/no fee listings are included in the following city-specific 'How to find a therapist' guides.

How to find a therapist in Cape Town
How to find a therapist in Durban
How to find a therapist in Johannesburg
How to find a therapist in Pretoria

2. Promote awareness of mental health and talk therapy equips professionals to publish mental health and therapy-related writing online. The sites growing library of excellent articles promotes awareness of the value of talk therapies that are proven to be effective, relational, and which respect human complexity.

3. Facilitate professional and service visibility enables qualified mental-health professionals to create a website and represent the services they provide.

The platform is open to all qualified mental health professionals, clinics, counselling centres, rehabilitation programs, and group practices. Private practice and community services are welcome.

Are you looking for a therapist or a mental health service?
Visit to find your best fit therapist now.

Are you a qualified mental health service provider?
Visit and list your service for free.

Do you run a resource page?
Add and help people find the mental health services they need.

Published in Health and Medicine is an ideologically driven platform intent on raising awareness of, and access to, psychotherapy and other mental health services.

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