14 April 2022

Free Therapy for Ukraine

Submitted by Vincenzo Sinisi Sinisi
Free Therapy for Ukraine

TherapyRoute.com – A Proudly South African Website connecting people to nearby mental health professionals worldwide, has arranged >500 therapists to provide free therapy to those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The therapists are accessible here -> https://www.therapyroute.com/free-therapy-for-ukraine.

How to access free therapists for Ukraine

All the therapists listed on the above page offer services pro bono to people directly affected by the war in Ukraine.

People wishing to make use of their services should choose from the therapist's profiles and use the contact form provided to reach out to those who match the individual's needs.

These therapists are from a wide range of professional and cultural backgrounds. They offer a variety of services in many different languages.

Check with each to establish what services they can offer and for how long. Most provide at least four sessions, but many provide therapy for six months or more. 

Who is eligible?

This service applies to all people directly affected by the war in Ukraine, no matter their race, nationality, gender, sexuality, political affiliation, or religion. 

People do not need to be in Ukraine to use this service.

Some examples of people that these therapists have in mind to help include:

  • Displaced people and refugees
  • People dealing with trauma, grief, and loss
  • Volunteers seeking supervision, debriefing, and emotional support
  • Those in need of practical coping skills, guidance, and emotional first aid
  • People in need of support; either to help them cope or to help others cope
  • Anyone directly affected who might benefit from speaking to a professional 

What services are offered?

Each mental health professional, therapist, or counsellor listed here brings different skills and competencies. Some dedicate themselves to brief-term grief or trauma counselling. Others are clinicians who treat people with significant emotional challenges. Some provide training, supervision, and peer support to other volunteering professionals. 

Are you a qualified mental health professional?

If you are willing to offer pro bono help to people directly affected by the war in Ukraine, please consider registering your practice on the TherapyRoute platform.

English speaking therapists are welcome, although there is a pressing need for those who can speak Ukrainian and Russian.

To appear on the Free Therapy for Ukraine page, please select "Ukraine Aid" as a service you offer. 

How else can you help?

We must raise awareness of this service. You can help by clicking on this link and donating. Every cent increases the campaign's reach and enables us to help more people.

Also, visit this link to see a list of organisations working on the ground in Ukraine. They all need support. 


Free Therapy for Ukraine is a service offered in collaboration and with the assistance of Headroom and Counsellinghub.

Vincenzo Sinisi (Clinical Psychologist / Psychoanalyst) is the founder and director of TherapyRoute.com. He is available for questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and at +27837420114.

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