21 December 2021

Express yourself in the Nautica Competition Apparel

Submitted by Thembi Sibisi
Express yourself in the Nautica Competition Apparel

There's already a celebratory mood in the air, and it's only going to grow stronger and stronger as the temperatures keep rising. Whether you're cruising to the beach, crushing a few cold ones on the patio, or just enjoying a little peace and fresh air on your own, you deserve to express yourself by wearing a collection that brings out a craze in urban streetwear like Nautica Competition.

Big blocks of colour have always looked great, so stick to that block structure for the full impact of the 90s streetwear look that works so well in summer. To help ease you into that wild, carefree mood, The Drop has everything you need to beat the heat in righteous, urban style. 

Bold colours don’t necessarily mean the big neon colours that were around in the 90s. Big blocks of primary colours - red, blue, and yellow - especially on aesthetic leisure are a definitive part of urban streetwear.

What you wear should be a way to express yourself, and whether you find that through colours, cuts or textures they’re all ways of expressing your individuality and urban style.

Shop all the Nautica Competition’s urban streetwear apparel on  Thedrop.co.za.

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