05 October 2015

Paylula.com Launch In South Africa – 24hour Donations Hotline For Charities, Schools And Churches

Submitted by Thomas van der Spuy
Paylula.com Launch In South Africa – 24hour Donations Hotline For Charities, Schools And Churches

October 5th, 2015, - Cape Town, South-Africa –Paylula.com announce its launch in South Africa, a 24 hour premium donations hotline for charities, schools and churches. Paylula provides each organisation with their very own hotline number, friendly IVR voice and merchant account to accept live card payments.

The platform not only takes care of donations but also provides donors with a payment sms notification and donor tax receipts so that organisations can focus on their cause.

Paylula.com further provides each organisation with real-time monitoring and reporting and allows your donations hotline to accept up to 301 simultaneous calls making it perfect for any charity event, golf day or fundraising auction. Activation is done instantly allowing you to start sharing your own donations hotline number with family, friends and donors.  “Im very excited to officially be launching Paylula.com in South Africa today” said JP van der Spuy, CEO of Paylula.

“So far, Paylula.com’s donation hotline service helped raise over R800 000 for more than 70 organisations in our first month incubation. I believe in creating a product that is easy to use, inexpensive and can leverage the power of the donor community whilst providing credibility to your cause.” For more information on Paylula and its 24 hour donations hotline for charities, schools and churches, visit www.paylula.com.

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