Thursday, 04 March 2021

CN Marketing just released their Taxi App module

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CN Marketing has just released their Taxi App module that integrates seamlessly with a whole host of other powerful modules which together is a perfect solution for individuals or businesses that would like to start their “Uber Like” Taxi App.

There are a lot of smaller cities that do not have access to Uber or any other taxi apps and this presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs that want to create solutions for their community, create jobs and deliver a much needed service. 

The CN Marketing Taxi module offers two registration processes, one for drivers and one for users. Passengers can request a  taxi in just a few seconds. Passengers just have to open the app, enter their pick-up & drop-off locations and choose from the available vehicle types.

All drivers which are in the radius of the passengers’ pickup location can answer within the response time the passenger has set. Once a driver has accepted the request, the passenger will be informed and the driver will be on his way.

Everything you need is in this taxi app:

  • Driver management
  • Passengers management
  • Payment methods (Credit card and/or Cash)Vehicle types
  • Requests status
  • Accountancy, manage your cash returns & pay-outs
  • And much more.

Developing a Taxi Application requires a lot of technical skills and expertise. CN Marketing is bringing powerful feature rich applications to the market for all SMME’s to benefit from. Want to develop a taxi app for your community? Contact Us at [email protected] for more info.

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