13 November 2020

Food Ordering Apps are disrupting the Restaurant Industry

Submitted by Tsholofelo Maleke

Restaurant apps are a popular way to give quick and quality customer service, but have mostly been limited to the fast-food sector and restaurants with large budgets.

 With restaurant apps, you can place an order from your favourite restaurant simply by pressing a few buttons and completing a fast, secure and contactless payment right from the app. Whether for delivery, collection or dine-in, a restaurant app makes it more convenient, faster and safer for customers.

If you do not think a food ordering app is something that would work for your restaurant, ask yourself these questions;

  • How do you take orders from customers right now?
  •  Is your current ordering process convenient and safe?
  • Is your current payment process secure and contactless?
  • Does your restaurant have a way to access the multitudes of people who are not available for dine-in only?

The food ordering app offered by CN Marketing is packed with benefits and useful features. 

  • Improved customer service: Offer live in-app support (cutting telephone costs), include in-app surveys for detailed and targeted feedback 
  • Convenience: Customers can order and complete payment from within the app; no need to call anyone, talk over loud telephone lines or try to remember your order from a menu.
  • Safety: Our apps are completely secure and integrated with leading payment gateways.
  • Contactless: A social distancing world needs contactless ordering and payment options, ensuring customer safety and responsibility.
  • Additional revenue stream: No need to wait for people to walk through your doors or give you a call, let them order from your app - allowing you to access a large market of people not currently looking at your restaurant.
  • Management: Orders placed via an app will be viewable from the back-office and can also be sent to print immediately, not disrupting your current in-house system and greatly reducing ordering mistakes.
  • Brand recognition: Your app has all your own branding, not needing to cut through the noise of competitors. By having your logo on their phone, your restaurant will remain top of mind whenever they feel like ordering out.
  • Direct marketing channel: Keep your app users entertained and coming back with in-app marketing features. 

Customers are always glued up to their smartphones, so having a mobile app will make your restaurant easily accessible for ordering, specials and other important pieces of information.

 What makes the CN Marketing food ordering app an even better offer for restaurants? 

  • Fast turnaround: Our apps can go from initiated to published in a matter of weeks.
  • Heavy lifting: Our development team are experts in what will be best and we do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • Payment options: We understand that the restaurant industry has been placed under a lot of pressure and have a few payment options available to alleviate these circumstances.
  • Full circuit: We do the app development, design and publishing. We can also include an app marketing package for the full-house experience.

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