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[] Activist Chris Mercer charges that while new South African hunting regulations ban the language of "canned hunting," loopholes remain for the continued killing of captive bred animals.Animal rights activists contend that the practice of “canned hunting” in South Africa is a “shameful” practice, since animals are bred in captivity…
[] Holiday Rentals in Cape Town has now commenced rental of luxury furnished and fully serviced apartments and suites in the Juliette building at the Victoria and Albert Waterfront in Cape Town.The Juliette is the latest addition to the residential buildings, built along Cape Town’s fashionable waterfront, to provide self…
[] Big Bay South Africa is a paradise waiting to be discovered. A long Sandy beach, clean clear seas, a view of the famous Table Mountain from the beach and it’s close to a big shopping mall. It is so perfect, that not even bad weather can chase people away,…
[] iLogic, an interactive marketing agency, has released its web analytics product called iLogic Analyze. iLogic Analyze, is a cutting edge web analytics tool used for in-depth analysis of website statistics and ROI reporting on online campaigns.
Monday, 08 May 2006 04:00

iLogic Launches E-Mail Marketing Software

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[] iLogic, an interactive marketing agency, has released its e-mail marketing software called iLogic Send. iLogic Send, is an e-mail marketing software suite that can manage any e-mail marketing campaign.
[] Musical theatre piece about a man and his experiences at a traffic intersection. Dreams are set to become reality for five aspiring young artists when the theatre production “Places in my Mind” takes place at the Wits Theatre from 11 to 15 July 2006.
Mobile Radio launches in South Africa. Sydus appoints Prescription Consulting as distribution partner for South Africa.Sydus, an innovator in creating audio-to-mobile lifestyle expressions, announced today the appointment of Prescription Consulting in South Africa as its distributor to promote and distribute Sydus’ products and services – MobileRadio, OnDemand and Live, revolutionary…
[] Seashell Books aims to raise much-needed money for the Cochlear Implant Fund in South Africa with the publication of inspirational books in conjunction with Lulu, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.Seashell Books aims to raise much-needed money for the Cochlear Implant Fund in South Africa with the publication…
[] Vinny Lingham, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of incuBeta, has been invited to become part of The Society of Industry Leaders.Vinny Lingham, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of incuBeta, has been invited to become part of a global network of industry leaders who participate in consultations with worldwide investment…
Friday, 24 March 2006 04:00

Even the Milkman Blogs

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[] Blogs are entering the mainstream in such a big way that even a milkman from South Africa has one - and he is using it to spread the good word about dairy.To counter the negative posts on dairy we see all over the Internet and supply the consumer as…
[] iBurst wireless broadband in South Africa is providing a real alternative to the incumbent monopoly.Broadband internet access was merely a pipe dream in South Africa until 2 years ago. Competition has been nonexistant becuase of a crippling regulatory environment and unwillingness by the incumbent monopoly Telkom to provide any…
Monday, 27 March 2006 04:00 Launches Games Channel

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SA’s largest news site has launched their Games Channel featuring a wide selection of free online gaming titles from casino, puzzle and card games to sport and arcade games. Developed in partnership with leading entertainment portal publisher, Trafficonomy, the 40+ games portal includes favourites like Pacman, Mah Jong Tiles,…

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