09 September 2020

Modern Window Treatments

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
Modern Window Treatments

Are you looking for new blinds, but you’re not sure which style is the best choice for your type of window? At Blinds4U we have a vast range of different blinds for sale that will bring functionality and style to any space, from Basswood-, Venetian aluminium-, Roller-, Panel-,  Frosting- & Tinting-, Canvas- & Bamboo blinds to Imported Umbrellas and our latest product, Securequip.

Here are a few pointers from Blinds4U to take into consideration before you go shopping for blinds for sale.

Large Windows

If you want to install blinds to large windows, classic vertical blinds, is the perfect choice for big expanses of glass, sliding doors and French doors. Because of their high degree of rotation which blocks views from all angles, this type of blinds offers a greater amount of privacy,Alternatively, wooden blinds are a great solution for large windows in the dining room or living room as it provides warmth, privacy and excellent light control. Nothing beats the natural beauty of real wood, and with our large collection of blinds for sale at Blinds4U you can select the perfect match to finish for your room.

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Sash Windows

Roller blinds are an excellent choice for sash windows. These blinds provide complete coverage, ease of use as well as easy maintenance, making them perfect for the busy family home.Small WindowsHere are some options for those small windows that need some ‘dressing up’

Small Windows

Roller Blinds are economical, versatile, and practical, especially when it comes to small windows. They are available in many colours to match your home décor and provide flexible light control. If the window is in a room that requires minimal natural light - roller blinds can serve to reduce the amount of light, too. They offer an amazingly simple and minimalistic look, so if the window is a feature, roller blinds will serve to complement it.If you’re looking for a practical option, but still want your window dressing to be more of a feature, venetian blinds are an excellent option. Venetians blinds are by far the most popular choice, they are easy to clean, low maintenance and effortlessly stylish.

Discover the perfect window blind for your window, no matter its shape or size, here at Blinds4U. Be sure to look at our full range of blinds for sale and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team – we’re always happy to help.To Request a free quote on any of our blinds for sale - Send us an e-mail with a request for a quotation and one of our friendly representatives will contact you.

We strive to give same day quotations. If you have any questions, please contact us direct. Our friendly sales consultants are standing ready to blow you away with service.10% Discount on All Accepted Quotations on 10+ Blinds ordered

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