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{pp}Fly Healthy & Fly Fit Guide To Aid Passenger Relaxation Onboard
{pp}We’ve recently experienced an increase in enquiries for commercial bond finance. Many clients think the process is similar to that for residential property finance, but unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s take a closer look at what has stimulated this interest in commercial property and how investing…
{pp}TSiBA’s Open Day will be held on 06 June 2009 in collaboration with Business Partners, leading financier of small and medium enterprises in South Africa. The focus of the day will be on entrepeneurship, a topic close to both Business Partners and TSiBA.
{pp}Airline Plays Host To Power Guest List Of International Entertainment, Fashion And Political Figures As Title Sponsor Of City’s Party Of The Year
Tuesday, 02 June 2009 10:13

Diskeeper is now more affordable than ever in SA

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{pp}With the exchange rate improving considerably, companies now have the opportunity to buy Diskeeper at aproximately 20% less.
{pp}Braids, Hair Extensions and Dreadlocks have become the latest trend in hair styling and growing in popularity. Improper removal of these hair styles have increased hair loss and hair thinning, according to Take Down Products Africa Ltd.
{pp}Because we refer to property related loans as “mortgage bonds”, borrowers often confuse the two parts that constitute the whole transaction. One is the security given to the bank under the mortgage bond agreement and the other is the actual loan obtained. To complicate matters, they don’t have to be…
{pp}The latest version of the open source, advanced invoicing and contract management application, Open Bill, was released today on by Jumping Bean, the company sponsoring the development. Open Bill allows service orientated businesses such as Internet Service and Telecoms Providers to easily manage and track customer sales orders, contracts,…
Monday, 01 June 2009 13:01

Halt in-house saboteurs

{pp}Ways to retain highly motivated and driven talent.
Fantastic Father's Day gifts up for grabs in a new Interflora competition
Friday, 29 May 2009 18:20


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{pp}Qatar Airways is celebrating yet more award-winning success picking up further accolades at the glittering World Travel Awards in Dubai earlier this month in recognition of the airline’s outstanding levels of service.
{pp}This initiative is aimed at helping BEE companies, call centers and schools grow. Edeh and his colleagues call on companies to donate surplus working desktop Pentium computers, laptops, printers, networking and other equipment, and make a tax-deductible investment to eligible beneficiaries. "We have the experience and resources to make the…

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