22 October 2020

CCTV Solar Systems for Foscam outdoor Cameras

Submitted by Foscam sales
CCTV Solar Systems for Foscam outdoor Cameras

A request we often get here at FOSCAM from farmers or small holding owners is for a solar powered free-standing camera that can take a sim card. Over the years we have tried various products, but we always found them very limited and often unreliable.

Some of the issues that the public often don’t understand is that the all in one type product often has many limitations. Such as that they are often only motion triggered, i.e. they are not recording 24/7 to save battery life due to the small solar panel and battery size. Another issue is replacement parts like the battery or panel, you can’t get them so have to replace the whole camera system.

Another common issue is that the sim card software is often not compatible with local service providers. Or even worse that there is no GSM coverage at the location.

We here at FOSCAM SA have teamed up with a solar specialist that designed a complete DIY kit that is compatible with any of our outdoor cameras. Even more we provide a basic router with a network point as well as a USB port for a GSM sim card dongle, so you choose which service provider gives you the best coverage in the area.

This kit will work with any of the FOSCAM outdoor range of cameras, but I would recommend using one of our PTZ range. The Foscam SD2X with 18 x optical zoom is a very popular choice, else the D4Z 2k dome or the SD2 work great. If you want a bullet then I would recommend the FOSCAM G4P, a great little 2K bullet. 

The SD2X is very popular with lodges and game farms where they place a camera at the waterhole, having that exceptional zoom as well as built-in audio makes for great footage.   For those that want a long-distance point to point system we also have that covered. We offer a optional STANDARD 24VDC version that gives you a second battery, a 12Volt outlet and a 24Volt outlet to power your 24Volt CPE wireless equipment.

Another common mistake we run across with DIY Solar setups is that often that the clients don’t appreciate that you can still blow your 12V camera using a 12V battery and charger/controller. The controller often puts out more than 12V when recharging your battery, it can go as high as 14.5 to 15 Volts. While you may get away with it for a long time at some point this will blow the cameras onboard power circuit. That’s why we have developed a integrated a 2A Camera Voltage Protector, that grantees 12Volts and only 12Volts gets passed to the camera, this is over and above your solar charge controller which most people think does protect them from over voltage.   


Pole mount for solar panel: Aluminium alloy brackets with stainless steel hardwareSetting angle: 45° for capturing the correct angle for the sunMounting pole (for combination of solar panels and battery/control box): recommended minimum - 75mm x 3mm steel for 3metre above ground

NOTE: POLE is NOT INCLUDED and dimension are only a guideline. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that correct erection procedure for the pole is followed.

  • Wind load: 80Kkm/Hr
  • Hail loading: 1.1Kn/m ²
  • Assembled weight (includes 1 x 20W panels): 5kg
  • Attention: Edges may be sharp
  • Solar panel mount set comes with: 1 upper bracket, 1 lower bracket, 2 x U-bolts (straps), 2 x M6 hex-head bolts, 4 x washers, 2 x M6 nyloc nuts, 2 x M6 hex-head bolts for solar panel, 4 x flat washers for solar panel, 2 x nyloc nuts for solar panel.

Installation: To the greatest extent possible, the installation site should allow unshaded exposure to the sun throughout daylight hours.

SPECIFICATIONS – Control and Battery Cabinet

  • Cabinet: Polyester / Polycarb 300 x 250 x 130mm
  • Pole mount bracket: U-clamp / strap top and bottom
  • Batteries: 1 x 12V12 (12Ah)Solar Charge Controller: 10A
  • Camera Voltage Protector: 2A
  • TP-Link Router (GSM USB type GSM dongle – supplied by customer)
  • Power Connectors for: Camera; Router; Solar panels
  • Total Weight of control and battery cabinet: 8kg
  • Cabinet mounting set comes with: 1 upper bracket, 1 lower bracket, 2 x U-bolts (straps), 4 x M6 hex-head bolts, 8 x washers, 4 x M6 nyloc nuts

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