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[] ERA Hout Bay Real Estate in Cape Town is nestled in the very heart of Hout Bay. The combination of beaches, mountain ranges and ocean views make it one of the most beautiful locations in South Africa.
Friday, 29 September 2006 16:56

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[] Fedhealth announces a single digit premium increase. Fedhealth – one of the country’s largest remaining independent medical schemes - has announced that their premium increase for 2007 will be an average of 9.8%.
[] When a person is left without an income, the best antidote is to reach out to other people that find themselves in the same situation. This is the theme of a creative new Website which aim is to provide an income to educated jobless people all over the world.…
[] @lantic Internet Services, has announced that it has grown its customer base by a further 5000 to more than 40,000 subscribers. "The company’s previous average year on year growth fluctuated at around 10% per year, but we have succeeded in growing our base by more than 14% over the…
[] SoftSelect has been awarded the distributorship for Africa for the XenSource Virtual Infrastructure Platform tools.
[]  Leading commercial Open Source document management vendor launches new offering that caters for small business and enterprise users, adds significant support for international languages and enhanced Windows integration toolsKnowledgeTree™, the world’s leading commercial Open Source document management system, has launched two new offerings catering for the SMB and enterprise…
[] News, Weather, Sharing Images with friends, these are common uses of the Internet. All over the world where broadband access is common in the home, people are using the internet to enhance their lives. All the major portals in South Africa use intense graphics to build their sites. This…
Friday, 29 September 2006 12:59

Medshield announces dynamic additions

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[] Medshield, one of South Africa’s largest medical aid schemes, today announces an average rate increase of just 7% - almost half of the average increase across all schemes, which is expected to reach 13%. Medshield has evolved into a serious private sector healthcare contender, and its basket of new,…
Friday, 29 September 2006 12:57

Ramaphosa supports City's job creation campaign

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[] VIPs comprising high profile South African business people and politicians demonstrated encouraging solidarity around skills development and job creation, at an Awards Ceremony held recently at Wits University. The evening was hosted by The City of Joburg and Edexcel, the international awarding body, to recognise 650 call-centre operatives, who…
[] Global Creative Studios’ first feature film, Faith like Potatoes, premiered to a star-studded line up at MonteCasino and has already been selected for two international film festivals. The MonteCasino premiere included the who’s who of South African actors, moviemakers, entertainers, sports people, Christian leaders and musicians.
Friday, 29 September 2006 02:09

How Happy Are You?

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[] With the weather starting to improve and the flowers coming out, we should all be happy, but are we? Psychologists say it is possible to measure happiness and US Professor Ed Diener has created a happiness test to do just this.
[] "The organisation for the World Cup in South Africa is beset by big problems," Beckenbauer was quoted by news agencies as saying. The Kaiser's warning has sparked a fury of responses from South Africa

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