17 November 2020

Why Eva-Last’s Apex is the pinnacle of modern outdoor materials

Submitted by Nina Minne
Why Eva-Last’s Apex is the pinnacle of modern outdoor materials

Johannesburg, SA (November 17, 2020) – For centuries timber products have provided a decorative touch when used as building materials, bringing their own special aesthetic character to architectural designs. As the world’s hardwood resources have come under increasing pressure and as the natural drawbacks of timber became more widely known, the composite building material industry began to search for ways to match the performance and look of natural timber while exceeding its all-weather performance.

With the introduction of Eva-Last’s Apex range of decking products, that search has reached its pinnacle. Following the Eva-Last brand’s design ethos of Inspired by Nature, Designed for Life, Apex’s patented lightweight and low-maintenance decking technology is the result of more than a decade of cutting-edge engineering. Apex, as its name implies, is where composite decking matches the look and feel of natural timber while its purpose-driven design ensures its performance in all weather conditions is superior to timber.

The pursuit of better composites – made from natural and fast-growing bamboo fibres co-extruded with cellular PVC-based plastics recycled from urban waste – has led to a new age of decking, cladding, fencing, screening and railing products that are pushing the boundaries of building material performance. Eva-Last’s composites, manufactured using solar energy, are also reducing environmental impact in manufacturing and through providing durable building products whose longevity reduces the need for replacement.

Perfected in 2018, Apex is the latest in Eva-Last’s unmatched track record of innovation and patents filed worldwide in the composite decking materials market. This kind of innovation has spawned a slew of imitations from competitors under pressure, which proves that reputation matters. Apex is easier to transport and handle onsite because of its super-lightweight construction.

Its superior scratch, UV, fade and stain resistance is unmatched in the market. Its protective engineered polymer cap allows for the best, most natural timber colour variation yet, in both grooved and ungrooved boards. It also receivesand holds screws better than all other decking boards available, while retaining a high impact resistance like real timber. Quite simply, its realistic appearance and functional performance are unrivalled, while its smart engineering reduces installation time and increases consistency of performance no matter who installs it.

Apex also boasts unique Class P5/Class R12 slip resistance as well as a Class B fire rating, which places the range well beyond the performance of both natural timber and competing composites in terms of its safety performance. While not aesthetically visible to the naked eye, the fire and slip resistance of Apex decking and outdoor furniture are added features which ultimately make the price of the product a bargain for the peace of mind it brings – particularly for commercial uses.

This is why the entire value chain, from distributors to contractors and end users love Apex. It eliminates all the known drawbacks of real timber, such as weathering, warping,fading, scratching, mould, staining and mildew, while being both structurally and aesthetically identical to the finest timber for year after year. As an elegant alternative to timber, Apex is engineered to last a lifetime with almost no maintenance – only an occasional clean is required to keep it looking as fresh as it did at installation.

Like all modern disruption, Eva-Last has found a better way to get the look and feel of timber in a cost-effective range of environmentally sustainable products that can complete the home with none of the fuss and worry that real timber requires. Apex may look exactly like timber, but try finding a 30-year warranty on any timber product. Apex now comes with Eva-Last’s longest-ever warranty which truly makes an Apex installation a lifetime of enjoyment.

Apex – Isn’t it time you built for the future? 


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