05 November 2021

Exploring the Orange River: What you need to know

Submitted by Chemarin Rabe
Exploring the Orange River: What you need to know

Escaping from the bustling city and everyday work life is important for your well-being. An Orange River rafting trip might offer you just the break you need. We guarantee that you will feel any work-related stress fade away immediately, as you will be focused on conquering the exhilarating river rapids. Some of the rapids on our trips have been given names such as Snotklap and Deadman’s Rapid, which is an indication of the exciting experiences that lie ahead.

Amanzi Trails offers river rafting and canoeing adventures, for all ages, on the Orange River. Our trips start from our camp, which is located across the Namibian border of South Africa, in Noordoewer. From here, your once-in-a-lifetime adventure on the Orange River will begin. Our schedule offers several options for trips throughout the year, with options of customised trip dates.

Experience the Orange River with the experts

Our team consists of expertly trained guides who have a great passion for the water and an adoration for the natural landscapes of the Richtersveld. Our guides are equipped with vast knowledge of the areas surrounding the river and will ensure that your trip runs smoothly, while enriching you with trivia on the surrounding fauna and flora. Our trips take place on a family-friendly section of the river, where you can feel safe even if you have no prior paddling experience.

What you need to know

For all outdoor enthusiasts or adventurers looking for something new, we recommend that you join us on the next available Orange River trip. The natural surroundings ensure that there is something that will be of interest to everybody. For avid fishermen: the river is teeming with various fish species, such as Yellowfish and Carp. For bird-watching fans: you will be overwhelmed by the number of bird species spotted along the river bank and within the Richtersveld area. There are also other wildlife species to be spotted. This includes smaller mammals like foxes and bats and a large variety of spiders, scorpions, and insects.

The Amanzi team will supply all meals throughout your rafting or canoeing trip, ensuring that you have sufficient energy to complete the course. We supply tea and coffee along with the meals but advise all clients to bring their own drinking water and any other cool drinks and snacks they might need on the trip. At night, we put up camp next to the river, where you can enjoy the glorious sight of the Namibian night sky.

Amanzi Trails also offers a range of Orange River trips during special holidays throughout the year. We have a range of New Year’s Trips that vary in length to suit your needs and budget. These trips are all ended off with a large New Year’s Eve party at the base camp. Furthermore, we also offer trips over Easter Weekend, around Christmas, and during all regular school and university holidays.

If you are thinking about joining one of our trips, you are welcome to read through Amanzi Trails’ website for more information.

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