30 June 2022

Experience South African Safaris the Luxuriously Kosher Way

Submitted by Josh Maraney
Experience South African Safaris the Luxuriously Kosher Way

South Africa is undeniably one of the most beautiful countries in the world, showcasing some of the most exquisite cities, landscapes and natural beauty. It is famous for its vast landscape of natural, raw, beauty, as well as the “Big Five” and its majestic coastline, South Africa offers tourists an exquisite getaway. Guests can expect to be blown away by South Africa’s dramatic mountains, waterfalls, lakes, forests, natural plains and exquisite game life.

While South Africa boasts all of the above, it does not boast a strong currency of its own, making travel for tourists coming from around the world a very affordable, economical option. There is so much value for money when travelling to South Africa, that one has to grab the opportunity to explore it to the fullest. 

Many tourists opt to embark on luxurious safari trips, staying in beautiful accommodation with nature’s finest backdrop and eating gourmet food prepared by world-class chefs. It is an experience unlike any other. And for the religious, there is an option that matches this experience in every way – it may even surpass it. 

Glatt safaris bring an unparalleled kosher safari experience for the eager traveller. Forget your canned food and crackers at home and enjoy daily feasts prepared by an incredibly talented, passionate chef and team. Glatt Safaris provides three kosher le’mehadrin meals per day, with a dedicated mashgiach that is approved by Badatz Cape Town. Gone are the days of going hungry while travelling as a kosher tourist; Glatt Safaris brings you a culinary dining experience unlike any you’ve experienced before. 

Glatt Safaris is dedicated to ensuring your dream safari is the experience you want. Just because you’re out in the wild does not mean you need to live like an animal. On the contrary, the team at Glatt Safaris will go over and above to ensure that all travellers enjoy the highest standards of luxury at some of South Africa’s most celebrated four and five-star hotels. Guests can also request a private reserve or VIP retreats when enjoying a safari. 

It may sound as though all of this is going to cost the earth, but let’s clear one thing up; Glatt Safaris take great pride in offering the most luxurious, Kosher African adventure tours, the best hotels, the most scrumptious kosher meals and an enormous variety of attractions at the lowest price within the kosher African Safari Holiday Tour business. This is a promise that is guaranteed. 

All packages are all-inclusive, meaning that from that very first sip of freshly-ground coffee in the morning to your gourmet kosher feast at night – we take care of it all. You’ll receive treats and sandwiches while on the road and absolutely everything in between. Besides packing your suitcase and booking your trip, there is nothing for you to do. Guests will relax and enjoy a fully catered, highly luxurious safari experience in one of the world’s most majestic settings. 

With expert tour guides who intricately understand, know and love the sights and sounds of wildlife within their local areas you can be sure to obtain the most out of your safari experience with Glatt Safaris. 

Get the full religious experience; Glatt Safaris will ensure a minyan is available, all kosher food and drink are prepared with passion and flair while all guests enjoy an undeniably special Shabbat experience too. You don’t need to pack a bottle of wine or stress to find a tenth man, we have it all covered. Guests will be able to marvel at the wonders of G-d’s creations without the worry of planning any religious activities. With special attention to detail provided across all our safari offerings, this cost-effective way to travel is also a completely stress-free way to travel. 

Glatt Safaris travel to South Africa and East Africa, covering most of the country’s most spectacular safari offerings. These destinations include Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. With three packages to choose from, guests can find their ideal, dream safari vacation to fit their budget.

Some highlights from our Gold Track package include unforgettable helicopter flights over Victoria Falls, elephant rides in the Safari and adventures on Table Mountain and the Kruger National Park. Or guests can choose the Silver Track that offers Kruger National Park’s big five, travel the famous Wine Route, visit Table Mountain, relish in the wonders of whale watching, visit African penguins and visit the Cape of Good Hope. Or, if you’d like to customize your own vacation, you can do so with our Private Tours package. We’ll help you create your ideal vacation at your pace. 

Whatever option you choose, Glatt Safaris will ensure that this is a vacation to remember. We would love to make your kosher safari dreams come true, and are so pleased with the feedback we have received from guests who have booked with us in the past. 

For more information about Glatt Safaris visit www.glattsafaris.com

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