28 June 2021

Bump that whacky item off your wish list with Dunlop this July

Submitted by Kim Blom
Bump that whacky item off your wish list with Dunlop this July

Has that “nice to have” but “I don’t really need it” item in your online shopping cart been calling your name? Thanks to the Dunlop Winter Promo you can now be safe on the road with new tyres AND buy that cool item you have always wanted.

With winter rains creating slippery road surfaces, frost and even snow making its appearance in certain parts of the country, it is time to check your tyres and make sure they are #SaferthanSafe.  For those wanting to leave the crowds behind and head for the safety of the secluded beach or bush during the school holidays, making sure your vehicle and tyres are in tip top condition will go a long way towards keeping you and your family safe on the roads. The Dunlop Winter Promotion runs from 28 June to 31 July 2021 and when you buy four Dunlop 16-inch or above tyres you get a R350 Takealot Voucher to spend as you please.

Need a 15-inch or below tyre? Buy four and receive a R250 Takealot voucher. Thanks to Dunlop there is no need to make excuses for why you can’t or shouldn’t buy that weird, interesting or cherished item you have had on your wish list all year long. Now you can get the tyres you need and that coveted or “wished” for item too. But before you go shopping… get to know what you are looking for in a tyre. Need a stylish new look for your SUV or 4x4? The Grandtrek AT3G 2-ply WLT (White Lettering Tyre) will fit the bill. For on- and off-road capabilities, designed for exceptional ride comfort with a smart new look, these tyres make rugged look good.

Prefer a more subdued look? Then go for the Grandtrek AT3GM and get the best performance no matter the terrain with 3-ply sidewall strength and puncture resistance. Superior comfort and a quiet ride are what you need? Then the Grandtrek AT25 is the tyre for you! But if enhanced off-road traction is a high priority, head over to your Dunlop fitment centre and ask for the Grandtrek AT5 by name, then get out and conquer with this all-round performer. Don’t own an SUV or 4x4? Not a problem, the winter promotion includes any Dunlop tyre sovisit the Dunlop website for more information or download the MyTyres App for a quote or to find your nearest participating tyre dealership. From tyres to tips Dunlop has you covered.

Packing for a trip? Head over to our blog for a handy checklist. Need to entertain the little ones? Stream enchanting kids stories with the Dunlop “Are we there yet?” podcast brought to you in collaboration with the NGO Book Dash and available on the Dunlop MyTyres app and other podcast platforms. And remember to stay safe when travelling this winter. Always practice proper COVID-19 protocols, wear your mask when in public, keep a safe social distance and sanitise or wash your hands regularly to help curb the spread of the virus.

Get shopping with the Dunlop Winter Promo, enjoy the rewards and experience complete peace of mind as you take the road this winter.