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sitters4all, a new busines, offering professional house sitting and pet sitting services

Sitters4all, a new business offering professional House sitting and pet sitting services to clients in Johannesburg,Pretoria,Durban and Cape Town.

Sitters4all a professional house sitting agency offers a professional service to all their clients and house sitters.

With House sitting and pet sitting experience, sitters4all offers professional house sitting with qualified house sitters that will keep your house safe and take care of your pets while you are away. We provide services to people who are away on business or are away on vacation.

Sitters4all ensures the safety of your home and well being of your pets by doing full background checks on each house sitter, including criminal checks.

"Sitters4all is committed to developing and cultivating a long term professional business relationship with both their clients and house sitters based on common goals and objectives," explains Kerry Mackenzie, the professional with at least 5 years of experience and who founded sitters4all."Sitters4all aims to provide quality service to our clients based on the highest level of standards, professionalism, honesty, and integrity."

Taking care of our clients home and animals is extremely important to Sitters4all ensuring that your animals have the best possible care while you are not there." We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have peace of mind while they are away and ensuring that they come back to a well looked after house and happy pet."

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Sitters4all, founded by Kerry Mackenzie, is a professional house sitting agency offering a House sitting and pet sitting service to those in need but also providing house sitters and pet sitters with additional part time income.

Kerry Mackenzie
Tel: 082 692 7552
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Skype: kerry.mackenzie3

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