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Tuesday, 16 December 2008 22:16

Things To Do on Holiday in Madagascar

{pp}In South Africa's current economic climate, your choice of overseas holiday destinations is more limited.
Exclusive Island Holidays, based in Cape Town, offers you an affordable island holiday destination like no other in the world: Madagascar.

With Madagascar's exceptional diversity in geography, biodiversity and culture, there's something new for you to do each time you visit. The following are popular activities that you might like to consider:

Lazy Days at The Beach
Madagascar is famous for its fine white sands and calm, clear waters, making it ideal for a relaxing day at the beach as well as snorkeling when the tide is low.
Some ideals spots to experience the characteristic sandy white beaches include Nosy Ve, and Anakao.

Madagascar’s Unique Wildlife
Madagascar is home to some of the most extraordinary wildlife including lemurs, a rainbow-array of chameleon species and bird species you will find nowhere else in the world. Berenty Private Reserve is a popular hotspot for wildlife viewing in Madagascar and is most popular for its brown lemur, ring-tailed lemur and sifaka populations.

Madagascar’s Unique Flora
Madagascar’s unique wildlife is sustained by its unique flora. Two recommended spots are:
Adohahela National Park - the reserve has three distinct zones of rainforest, spiny forest and the east-west transition forest, which is the last place on earth you will find the Triangle Palm tree.
Mandena Conservation Zone - the zone protects rare littoral forest (similar to coastal rainforest), with 60ha of wetlands. It includes 22 species of endemic flora and 200 large tree species.

Hiking & Walks at Andringitra National Park
The national park was established to protect the fauna and flora in the area. Its main attractions are its landscapes, vegetation and hiking. The main hiking circuits offer a spectacular adventure of waterfalls, caves, medicinal plants, forests, granite peaks and escarpments, and an encounter with the characteristic ring-tailed lemurs.

Tombs & Sub-fossil Elephant Bird Eggshells
Location: Anakao in the south
A day exploring Anakao fishing village by foot is rewarded by discovering some ancient tombs at the peninsula and fragments of subfossil eggshells from the extinct Elephant Bird (Aepyornis).
The elephant bird is said to have been so large in size that it could easily carry away a creature the size of an elephant.

Diving in Madagascar
Madagascar offers outstanding biodiversity amongst its reefs and islands. The coral reefs in this area have not been affected badly by coral bleaching (an effect of global warming) and you may come across almost every species of coral known in the western part of the Indian Ocean. By boat you may come across dolphins and hump-backed whales, and underwater you may be lucky enough to spot a whale shark.

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