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Wednesday, 20 May 2020 14:10

Travel Tractions Saves 18 Youth Jobs By Launching A New Agency

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Small local business, Travel Tractions, has turned the stress of the struggling travel industry into an opportunity by launching an online marketing business, saving the jobs of up to 18 young people under the age of 30.

In many ways, COVID-19 has caused a lot of stress and anxiety around the world. Business Tech reports that more than a million South Africans can expect to become jobless over the next few months as economic growth is stunted between 5 - 6%.

It’s also a time when many businesses are moving online and competing for attention in a saturated space. There has never been a better time for internationals to outsource to Africa, and for locals to leverage services from affordable agencies. With the dollar exchange rate changing from R12.50 in April last year to more than R18 this month and other first world currencies seeing similar gains.

The tourism industry is at the centre of the economic struggle as international borders remain closed and mandatory lockdown keeps people from frequenting entertainment venues. Travel Tractions is a specialized SEO agency that showcases South African talents to a global audience. As a result, Travel Tractions has taken strain with a decreased focus on travel.

Travel Tractions has a staff component of 18 young people who are either graduates or in their first jobs, many of which are the breadwinners of their household. With the travel industry grinding to a halt, the company needed to make a plan.

Matt Davison, Founder of Travel Tractions, has launched the Marketing Mill in response to COVID-19, ensuring that his staff of 18 youth keep their jobs during a very difficult time. The agency will market the affordability of South African work and the high level of quality that is produced.

Matt comments, “I believe that South Africans have a lot to offer the world, both in the affordability of their services as well as their high standard of quality. The tenacity of my team and their will to succeed makes each of them invaluable assets to the industry and I’m excited to see what they can do with the new brand.”

Travel Tractions will continue to operate at full capacity, ensuring that the travel industry has resources despite the decline. The Marketing Mill will run alongside the current company, offering services such as SEO strategy, content creation, link building and web design.

For any further details or information, please contact The Marketing Mill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the site at

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