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Friday, 13 March 2020 12:08

Premier Splendid Inn - Now officially open for Business!

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Premier Splendid Inn

In November last year Premier Hotels added Bloemfontein, as their latest major city in South Africa, to their portfolio. Located in Zastron street, amidst historical landmarks and all major buildings in the city, the Premier Splendid Inn is now officially open for business!

Formerly the old Stanville Inn hotel site location, the property has been converted into a R95 million hotel with 5 floors and a state-of-the-art conference facility that will offer modern accommodation in line with the demands of the growing city, within walking distance from the main government buildings, Mimosa Mall, City Hall and local municipal offices, and hospitals.

In mid-November, the Splendid opened 48 rooms, the restaurant, reception and lobby/lounge area. Now, fully opened, it will offer 88 rooms that include 20 double rooms, 50 twin, 13 king, 3 executive and 2 disabled bedrooms as well as a new rooftop conference centre, overlooking the iconic Naval Hill and sports stadium and accommodating up to 150 people. Among the first-class range of facilities,

The Premier Splendid Inn Bloemfontein will offer dinner, bed and breakfast with a breakfast buffet and a la carte menu, room service, banqueting venues, a shuttle service to and from the airport and laundry services.

The trend of variety extends from facilities to dining, as the open plan kitchen, located behind a buffet area, offers a vibrant and interactive cooking experience while the menu provides options including Durban-style lamb curry, vegetarian, chicken or beef gourmet burgers, mix grill and pasta dishes as well as halaal meals. A specialised coffee menu accompanies a cocktail menu to top off the dining experience.

Of the opening and investment in the Bloemfontein area, the hotel chain founder and managing director Samuel Nassimov says, “Our long-term plan is to increase our presence in all key cities across South Africa and this is another great step in that direction for the Premier Hotel Group.” With the first steps taken in mid-November the excitement culminating March 2020, the Premier Splendid Inn Bloemfontein now fully opens their doors to locals, tourists and business people alike.

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