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Tuesday, 29 October 2019 13:08

Wheels Club, breaking ground in the industry

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Luxury vehicle sales and storage

Wheels Club started as most good ideas do - with a pen and a piece of paper. Now, Wheels Club is reinventing the wheel when it comes to luxury car sales and storage. Located in the heart of Sandton, our company is one of its kind in Gauteng and dedicated to the preservation of both classic and exotic cars. Our clients are enthusiastic about luxury vehicles and living a lifestyle that is centred around that. Wheels Club is where everything always has that shiny new feeling.  

The Wheels Club team is driven by their passion for luxury vehicles and is committed to offering the best service in the industry. Security is at the forefront of our priorities and our premises are geared up with 24-hour, on-site security guards, and CCTV cameras to ensure that all vehicles stored at Wheels Club are kept secure.  

Whether buying or selling your luxury vehicle we are well versed when it comes to car sales. Wheels Club has adopted a unique one-on-one sales method which gives clients access to our extraordinary array of vehicles, whilst also ensuring that they deal with the same team member whenever they stop by. Browse our sales portal to discover the ultimate collection of both classic and exotic cars. 

Keeping our clientele satisfied takes precedence and Wheels Club endeavours to give clients more than they expect! Once you get a taste for the Wheels Club lifestyle, you will be back for more. We aim to ensure that our members receive only the best of the best - when it comes to both our services, as well as the overall experience with Wheels Club. 

Wheels Club members get more than a few perks when they join the club – including access to our luxurious mezzanine area, the option to book out the boardroom, and even exclusive invites to activities like breakfast runs and wheels club events. We have also partnered with expert industry detailers, Rocket Auto Care to ensure your car is always in optimum condition. Our membership packages are ideal for clients who want the full-suite of Wheels Club’s services.  

Let Wheels Club open up new avenues in your world.

Published in Tourism, Cars, Traffic

Wheels Club

Wheels Club is founded on the passion for cars and the commitment to offering a superior level of service to motoring enthusiasts. Providing all-inclusive services for clients, Wheels Club specializes in vehicle storage, private brokering and sales, as well as high-end detailing.

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