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Thursday, 29 December 2016 00:50

30 Best Johannesburg Tour Operators Awards to be announced

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The month-long survey to find the 30 Best Johannesburg Tour Operators has now been finalised and the winners will be published at noon on 29/12/2016.

The list contains some expected as well as unexpected names, which tends to demonstrate that complacency, especially in business can be hazardous. As part of the announcement of the results, emails have been sent to the winners who will be offered  personalised certificates which can be used for marketing and bench-marking purposes.

The 2016 inaugural awards will be held annually because it is important  for Johannesburg to have a tour operator industry within which each participant takes pride in setting a high standard of excellence. This is particularly essential for the economy of this city, including job-creation bearing in mind the need to cater for the 3.6 million overnight visitors  which MasterCard estimates will come through its points of entry. As the primary destination city in Africa for global travellers, Johannesburg has the added responsibility to set a standard for the rest of the continent. For a list of the winners, please go to the home page of the Johannesburg Today website.

This site has been active as ordinary and corporate citizen in promoting the tourism appeal of the city and its environs for the past 3 years. In this time certain gaps have been identified by staff at Johannesburg Today, which impede the achievement of this goal, one of which is the absence of uniformity in the services of tour operators.

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Publisher of the website Johannesburg Today which has been cnducting a month-long survey of the best 30 Tour Operators in Johannesburg, the results of which ae now ready for dissemination. 

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