08 February 2016

Provantage Media Group launches Environment Media Mapping

Submitted by Veruska D'Onofrio

Leading out of home company Provantage Media Group has developed a highly-innovative, cutting-edge Media Mapping tool and process that enables the identification and development of media solutions that optimise ROI in a specific environment. Jacques du Preez, MD and Founder of Provantage Media Group, outlines the highly effective Environment Media Mapping (EMM) process:


We have developed EMM to enable us to identify and develop optimal media solutions in a specific environment. We use the process to establish the best fit of environments to consumer behaviours to media placement. EMM takes into account the physical space, environmental factors, the consumer dwell time and emotional state so as to derive the best placement and type of media.


We have successfully made use of the process in airports, train stations and in the retail and mall environments. The process is designed to understand shopper or commuter flow patterns and hence enables us to identify dwell areas and times onto which we overlay media solutions. The result is that we are able to generate more advertising revenues by offering multiple touch point campaigns that are layered and designed to generate exceptional reach and frequency.

Exceptional ROI

EMM provides us with very accurate revenue and capex analysis per zone, area and environment. This ensures that we can generate very precise commercial models and that we maximize all zones for maximum ROI. Furthermore, in an era of information overload, EMM will expose consumers to appropriate media at the appropriate time and therefore will eliminate irritation and enhance overall experience.

Creating a Master Plan

Using our EMM planning tool, we develop a Strategic Master Plan for each section of a particular environment by taking into consideration a number of key factors to accurately assess the environment.

Using these key factors, coupled with a state-of-the-art mapping system, we develop a detailed Master Plan for each zone, which then culminates into a Master Plan for the entire ‘environment’. This is the efficacy and genius of EMM.

EMM is scientific, detailed and effective and ensures maximum impact for a brand. For more information on how EMM can help your brand profitably engage with its target audience, go to www.provantage.co.za or follow @ProvantageSA